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Yo, what's up guys and welcome back to another video? Recently, i've, been getting a lot of questions about which projects people should be holding, which projects that i'm personally bullish on which projects that i plan on holding for the long term, and so i thought i'D make a video on that.

I think when the nft space in the nft market has quite a big pullback like we're experiencing right now, a lot of people look to try to find projects that have stabilized have big communities are really trying to build and create and educate And so these are the projects that you're, going to want to try to find and stay in long term.

Most nft projects are not long-term holds, in my opinion, most nft projects. You can make money on, but i think for the most part projects that you're, going to want to hold for a long time that's, a much smaller basket.

So in this video i'm, just going to outline a few that i personally hold and that i personally am bullish on and then we'll. Also just touch on why. I think the nft space is having a bit of pullback and where i think we will be headed in the next few weeks, all right, really quick.

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One of my latest youtube videos and you will be entered in the running to win this 0.1 eth giveaway, alright, guys to start off the video, the doge pound. Everyone knows how bullish i am on the doge pound.

I think the very fact that the doge pound is still sitting at around a 2.83 floor is incredibly bullish with all of the money exiting the nft space and flowing into the cryptocurrency markets to ride that potential bull run wave.

I think it's. Super bullish and it's, a good indicator to suggest that the doge pound has a very strong community and has a set of holders that have no intention of selling so coming up here in the next few weeks, the doge pound will be doing A halloween airdrop for people who hold a dogepound dog as well as a dogepound puppy.

So if you want to be included in that airdrop make sure that you pick up a doge and you pick up a puppy personally, i think right now and maybe in the next week or two depending on what the cryptocurrency market does.

I think it & # 39. Ll, be a good time to try to snipe some good projects off the floor because they'll, be at a sincerely good discount. So it really depends on what the cryptocurrency market decides to do.

But if bitcoin goes above 65k and ends up going to 70.80, i think we'll, see even more money exit the nft space, as people are looking to ride that wave and those will be the opportunities you're, going to want To take advantage of so money will flow back into the nft space, whether the catalyst is the coin based nft marketplace or when crypto currencies that are going crazy, start to go sideways or have a retracement money will start to flow back into the nft space.

So you want to be able to take advantage of that, so i would say a good buy range for the dogepound would be anywhere from now to somewhere closer to to eath. If you see it get anywhere near to eat, i will probably personally be buying more just because there is so much going on with this project.

Air drops coming soon diamond paws coming soon events collaborations and then obviously, all the launch pad stuff with the jrny crypto and the wolf of wall street etc so be on the lookout for every single one of these projects.

I'm going to show you today identify a price point that you would be willing to buy in at and then i would suggest obviously not financial advice. But for me personally, i will be picking up some of these projects if they hit certain levels so make sure you're keeping an eye on these floor prices.

This is a good opportunity, i believe, to potentially be buying projects that you really think hold value and that potentially were priced out of only a few weeks ago. So i think another great project that is currently experiencing quite a big dip is moody, crows and moody.

Crows is sitting at around 0.45 eth and certainly if bitcoin and ethereum continue to run, it could certainly go lower. So if you see this project reach anywhere closer to 0.3 or something like that, i will most likely be trying to pick up or swoop up a few more off the floor.

This project is the very first 10 000 cap supply on immutable x and to me that makes it very bullish. I also know that they have some plans that they have yet to share, but this project is not just going to be a profile picture.

There's a lot more going on here, and i think that makes it a very bullish case. If you see a pretty good dip, i will personally be trying to pick a few up off the floor, all right guys. So another project that is experiencing a pretty solid dip is the nifty league d-gens, and this project's great because they have a working game and they're setting up a dow and they're.

Going to give you passive income and rewards, and it'll be play to earn and it's really cool like they have a working game like there's, something there. They're. They're, an active team, skilled developers, these sort of floor dips, i think, certainly represent an opportunity, and this is another one where, if it reaches closer to 0.

1 eth, i will most likely personally be looking to pick up a few up off the Floor so keep your eye on this project as well. They have a working game. It's play to earn a lot of cool stuff. Going on with this project.

Don't sleep on these opportunities. This is just temporary. I truly believe that retracements like this are just temporary and there's, a strong correlation between the nft space and the current bull market.

The cryptocurrency sector is experiencing all right guys, another project on immutable x landloot. I believe they have announced that they will be the first project to start a launchpad on immutablex, and i had a question on my twitter the other day and they're like well.

Why do you need a launchpad on immutablex if there's? No gas fees - and my answer was pretty simple: it's, basically, just if there's, an incredible amount of demand for projects launching on a mutable x, and there is an 8 000 cap or a 10 000 cap - and there are Twenty thousand thirty thousand forty thousand people looking to mint and it's, instant transactions.

It's incredibly easy to mint there's. Gon na be a tiny fraction of the supply in ratio to the demand. So why you wan na launch pad is because launch pads will give you pre-sale access and if you get pre-sale access you don & # 39.

T have to worry about potentially just not being able to mint one, because there's. So many people trying to so it's, not really a matter of okay. I want pre-sale access. I don't have to pay three thousand dollars in gas fees.

It's more. So just i guarantee my spot in getting one in the first place, so lan loot, the first project. I believe correct me if i'm wrong to have a launch pad potential feature on immutable x to me that's, that's very bullish, and if this reaches closer to 0.

1 eth, i will personally be trying to Pick a few off the floor, all right guys, so another project i have for you is deez nuts and deez nuts is actually the first project to launch from the dogepound launch pad, and so i got pre-sale access and i was able to mint three of these.

For very low gas - and i think it was 0.69 0.069 eth mint price. So i'm very bullish on this project because john lemon, the founder of dogepound, is involved as well as they are going to be building out an entire metaverse casino.

Where you can use your nft as your avatar and go in there and play games it'll be play to earn. You can bet you can gamble when that casino launches, or there's an announce date for that casino. This project, i believe, will do extremely well so if this project gets anywhere closer to 0.

1, maybe a little bit lower, i'll, probably look to swoop up a couple more but very bullish on this project. I think it's very memeable. I think it & # 39. S very funny obviously have a very strong community.

It's, a pretty decent owner to item ratio and there's. A lot of good news on the horizon for this project as well, so keep your eye out for this project all right guys. Another project that i am fairly bullish on is astro bros, i haven't, really been keeping up with their development team.

Very much i've, been very busy, but in general this is the second project on immutable x to have a profile picture, really great art, obviously very skilled, dev team when it came to the minting and the animation it played and the music and It was all very cool and very seamless - i very much enjoyed it, so this is once again another project that i'll, be looking to buy up off the floor if it experiences more of a dip, so in this range for me personally, i'd, probably be looking if it breached the 0.

1 eth mark. I will definitely be trying to swoop those, and we'll see what happens, but i truly believe that in this time where the cryptocurrency market is rocketing, rocketing, rocketing and people are unsure where their money's.

Gon na go, the nft space will see a spike in volume when the cryptocurrency markets end up going sideways or see a retracement. So i'm gonna be looking to load up on some of my very favorite nft projects and then at some point.

When we see a high spike of volume, i would taking my own advice and i'll, be looking to sell. I'm, going to be looking to take advantage of these low discounted prices, alright guys so the last product i have for you guys today is a fairly expensive one, but it is the mutant ape yacht club and they are the sister project to The board ape yacht club, which everyone knows about - i am personally very bullish on this project.

They announced that they will be doing a token sometime next year and the mayc collection will also be included in that token, so i think when that gets a little bit closer and everything starts to happen.

If you're looking for a blue chip project to buy into at a lower floor price, this would be the one i would suggest. Besides the dogepound, i think you can't really go wrong with either. Once again. If i see this potentially get closer to three eth or something like that, i will definitely probably look to buy one more and just hold and see what happens.

So. Thank you guys for watching this video. I just wanted to give you guys a quick update on where my head's at. I think we're in a very healthy spot right now. It makes a lot of sense to me that nft floor prices are decreasing, as the cryptocurrency market is heating up to me.

That makes a lot of sense and i also think it presents a pretty good opportunity, especially for people who've, been sitting on the sidelines of the nft and saying wow everything's, mooting everything's so expensive.

I don't know what to buy everything's so expensive. This is probably a good opportunity, i would say, potentially this week, potentially the following week after or the following weeks. After that, it really is going to depend on what the cryptocurrency market does, but if, if we see a large bull run, we're going to see even lower floor prices and then what we will see - and this is just a prediction - i don't have a crystal ball.

We will see a lot of money flow back in and a lot of money will flow back in to solid well built out blue chip respected projects. So, thank you guys so much for watching this video make sure to hit the like button hit that notification bell.

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So thank you guys so much for watching, and i will see you guys in the very next video