BULLISH Bitcoin EXPLOSION (Top Secret Reason BTC is BOOMING)

What was your daily group to wrap up? This is bitboy crypto. Today i'm, going to give you the news in about three minutes, as i always do, let's, check out the markets, uh guys. We got bitcoin pumping 55161 and look at that number there can you see it seven and a half percent for bitcoin, but look at these only up one percent.

Coming at 35 40., we got cardano at two dollars and nineteen cents xrp at a dollar of six solana: dollar, fifty-three dogecoin, 24 cents. I want you to notice in this column over here, see all the red.

All coins are actually down right now, a little bit that means bitcoin is ripping. Altcoins are coiling up to make a big move all right, guys, let's, see biggest gainers of the day. There's that good little dog good little dog little sheba continued move 72 up for the day we got phantom.

Are we bitcoin gold, stellar dydx, all with pumps about 10 or higher uh sheba continuing to move? This is good sign from the market. I believe uh, you know we when the market is pumping, we kind of need the immature crypto investor to come in so uh no offense.

If you'll achieve i'm glad a lot of people are making money with it, but you know you're, more advanced crypto users. They are either djing out into super small meme coins, probably not in shiba a lot a lot of your newer people in crypto.

They're, the ones that are really making shiba move right now. I think there's, a lesson in that you guys can tell me what that lesson is down below in the comment section biggest story of the day. Bitcoin is soaring.

This is not why bitcoin soaring bitcoin soaring amid expectations that a bitcoin etf is getting approved on october 18th, somebody set the betting odds at two to one that on october 18th, we get a bitcoin etf.

This one is physically backed. It falls under the uh something 40. I can't, remember exactly what it is, but it's, not the 33. It's, the 40 type. That means it's physically backed this is actually maybe better.

For crypto, if that gets approved, i'm, going to tell you guys. I believe these are rumors. If i'm wrong, i'm wrong, but i don't think we're, seeing an etf approved this month. I don't want to see the price action continue to move up, even though that's, a rumor i think next year is when we get etfs.

But if i'm wrong, hey we're, going to make that money uh other stories of the day. We have the justice department, announcing the crypto enforcement team and what this team is going to do is they are going to work against people doing cyber crimes and money laundering.

So, as we all know, government overreach will mean eventually they'll, do more down the road. Excuse me a little bit of cold or maybe an allergy. I don't, know coughing a little bit uh, but what they're going to do.

Is they're, going to stop money laundering in cyber crime? So this isn't going to affect any of us. They're going after dark web stuff. They're going after bitcoin mixers. Wouldn & # 39. T worry about this too much at the current time.

Then we have this story: the fdic looking at doing fdic issue or insurance deposit insurance for stable coins. This is up to 250 000 per person. If you didn't know, coinbase is ftic in short, but that's.

Only against the cash in your account that's, not actually for your crypto, so make sure you stay safe out there. But will this open the door for banks to start being able to hold stable coins and then maybe offering much smaller guaranteed returns than celsius or block buy? Maybe this kind of even out the yield uh or the bond market? Because you guys know that's, a major player here, so i'm 30 seconds over.

I got ta. Go then way out.