Cardano Ready To EXPLODE! (MASSIVE Development Underway For 2022)

Let's reminisce. This time at the start of last year. I sat right here looked straight into the camera and told you guys the BitSquad, that if there was one coin at the top of my list for 2021 that had the potential to make life-changing gains for you, it was Cardano.

. Well, some things never change. From the start of last year to its all-time high ADA 17X'ed. That's right., It went from 17¢ to 17X.. This is the type of magic that's possible in crypto. When you do your homework, invest in yourself and take profits.

2022 will be another prestigious year for Cardano. And believe me, when I tell you, Charles Hoskinson still has some tricks up his sleeve.. Let's, get it Welcome to BitBoy Crypto. My name is Ben. And my mission is to help you find financial freedom through crypto assets.

. If that sounds good click that subscribe, button., Don't forget to hit that bell. While you're at it, so you get updated of the content. We make every single day. In this video. We're, going to discuss recent news and updates regarding Cardano the progress that they made in 2021, as well as their roadmap.

For 2022. On January 1 of 2021 Cardano was sitting just above 17¢. Exactly one year later, when the ball dropped for 2022 ADA was priced in at $ 1.33., For whatever reason some people in the crypto community still seem to think that ADA dropped the ball.

Did They fumble on fourth-and-10 Every day. I see people in the comments making outlandish and asinine statements such as & quot, ADA is dead & quot or & quot. Cardano is the Baker Mayfield of crypto & quot, Come one If you held ADA from start to finish during 2021, you still almost 8X'ed, your money.

And also Baker. Mayfield has more commercials than completions., But I digress. Sure. Cardano has spent the last four months in a downtrend since its September all-time high of $ 3.10., But it's safe to say: ADA is alive and well.

Listen. Daily charts don'T always reflect progress. When you zoom out to a macro level. You really appreciate how far this project has come., Not to mention the roadmap for this year. You will clearly see that this is only the beginning.

. If you're new to the BitSquad, I want you to know that if you're watching this video, you're still very early to the party. So make sure to like and subscribe. For some perspective on the year. Ada had in 2021 on Christmas Eve, the Cardano Foundation tweeted & quot Last Christmas, there were 190,000 ADA wallets.

. Today there are over 2.5 million ADA wallets an increase of 1,200 % in one year. & quot. You see the daily charts are one thing, but these are the stats you should focus on in the grand scheme of things.

. Now those 2.3 million new wallet owners are going to tell their friends and family and spread the word.. It's, going to keep growing and growing exponentially. It's well, on its way to being a household name.

. I'm interested to see what that number will be this time in 2023 in 2025 and so on and so forth.. You see I don't know if you know this or not, but there's a rocket ship and it's. Going to the moon. That rocket ship & # 39.

S name is Cardano.. You want to get on the rocket ship before you get left behind., But that's. Not the half of it. Zhiyuan Sun from Cointelegraph recently released an article that illustrates that Cardano was the most developed crypto on GitHub in 2021.

. Charles also recently tweeted. That there are more than 175 projects currently building on Cardano and more than a dozen of them will be launching by the end of Q1 2022.. He also mentioned on a recent YouTube stream that he expects the number of ADA users to tenfold.

. I would even go so far to say that 10X'ing. His users is just him being humble.. He's, the most humble person I know Just ask him.. He'll, tell you. The numbers speak for themselves.. In this past year, the year-over-year growth across social channels increased 468 %, with a total social audience of over 3.

2 million people.. This is a man with a vision that far exceeds those of his competitors.. In 2021 alone, Cardano had 71 groups in 46 countries do 228 meetup events. With a focus on Africa.. Besides the deals with Tanzania and the University of Luxembourg, Charles has stated that they're planning to build a financial operating system in Q2 of 2022.

That will give Africans access to DeFi. Cardano has been under pressure to release a usable DeFi app since Alonzo went live back in September., Although there are are a multitude of upcoming projects.

Still in the works on January 2, MuesliSwap was the first to go. Live. According to MuesliSwap is a decentralized exchange with launchpad functionality that also runs on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

, Their utility token. Milk has many useful benefits, such as priority trading voting staking early access and maybe calcium.. I'm, not sure.. I'll check on the last one.. Defillama shows that MILK has already reached over $ 1 million in total value locked.

. I wonder if they'll make another coin called COOKIES.. Another notable addition coming to the Cardano ecosystem is Verlux.. Verlux is a decentralized cross-chain NFT platform that's on a mission to dismantle the traditional NFT system through its cross-chain swap feature.

. This allows NFTs from other blockchains to be swapped over to the Cardano blockchain, while maintaining its authenticity. Verlux is also introducing an NFT staking platform where users can & quot farm & quot exclusive NFTs, just by staking their token.

. The VLX token presale is now live until January 23, where one ADA equals 500 VLX.. Now, just as a note, we covered a project called Velas on the channel. That also goes by that ticker.. It's, not the same project.

, But that's, just the beginning of what Cardano was planning to do this year. Without getting too far into the technical details. Hoskinson mentioned a big part of 2022's. Roadmap is developing an extensible UTXO smart contract model for Cardano smart contracts.

. Essentially, the eUTXO model is a middle ground between Bitcoin and EVM. Smart contracts., With over 100 engineers and 15 external companies building the software stack and providing coding. Hoskinson wants this to be finished by October, this year.

There will be three hardforks this year to fully implement the new eUTXO smart contract model, one in February, one in June, and one in October. Charles mentioned in another YouTube stream, titled Whiteboard, Dapps and Development - that over 20 Cardano Improvement Proposals or CIPs have been drafted or expected to go.

Live this year.. The most interesting of those include CIP, 14, the user-facing asset fingerprint, which aims to come up with human-readable information for assets and CIP 7, which will alter the reward calculation equation, which increases incentives for staking pool operators.

. Now, if you guys want to stake your ADA with the BitPool, you guys can check out the link down below in the description.. Charles also stated that Cardano plans on spending the next six to nine months on improving its decentralized applications.

Ecosystem. In this hour-long video, he stressed the importance of decentralization to the blockchain universe.. He covered an array of issues from $ 10.5 billion being stolen from DeFi the problem with Bitcoin maxis and the ongoing problem with the legacy system.

Governments not wanting to help blockchain because they're, going to lose money.. The thing I love about Charles the most is that he's, not afraid to speak his mind and stir the pot.. He recently tweeted a pretty inappropriate meme that criticized the US taxing system in regards to crypto.

A lot of the reason I believe in Cardano, especially for the long haul is not only because of their vision, but also because of their leadership. Becoming a real pioneer sometimes Requires you to be the voice of an unpopular opinion.

Trust me., That's, not an easy thing to do, especially in today's. Political climate. Cardano has a lot of irons in the fire and its current price point is not at all an accurate representation of what's going on behind the curtain.

Understand. This is an opportunity to make life-changing money., Not financial advice, but at the time of this recording ADA is currently sitting at $ 1.24. So anytime, it even comes close to retesting its all-time highs.

Well, that's more than a guaranteed double up right. There. Really appreciate that the DeFi ecosystem on Cardano is just taking off now. Think about the new rollouts this year, how they will affect its price in the long run.

I've said this once and I'll, say it again., Especially With Cardano do not focus on the daily chart. Think bigger than that.. This is about life-changing money, not tomorrow., That's. All I got. Be blessed.

BitBoy out