All right what is up, i am crypto mason and welcome back to the crypto mason youtube channel, shout out to the gold squad. We look for gold in every single aspect of our lives and we always find it now guess what folks the market does not.

Look too good whatsoever um, you know i've been out here and sort of disconnected from the market, so i wasn't uh, i mean i was notified that the market was not looking too strong. We have bitcoin at 38, 741.

So, basically, in a period of three months, we have went from close to three trillion on the total crypto market cap down to 1.8. Okay - and it looks like we've, just like broken through a key, a very key support here: okay, so the next.

The next sort of key support would be 1.5 trillion as far as total market cap, but bitcoin has basically dumped through like dumped into a new range here. Um and this wick did go pretty far down and there was a bunch of uh east liquidations that happened.

Ethereum broke through three thousand um, but the next thing we would be looking for is bitcoin to hit thirty thousand. Thirty thousand should be the bottom. To be honest, that i don't see a i see a reality where bitcoin gets to 30 000, but i feel like there's, a lot of people that would be buyers uh there and would push it back up.

So bitcoin extremely bearish right now, um man, you just got a whole hole through this man and all the all coins also uh. Basically, the the market cap was like literally just ridden of of a lot of money there, but everything is dipping.

This should be the time where you, if you believe in the market long term, you start stacking some of your bags. Okay, we have some crazy deals. You got xyo extremely down at 0.002. Qnt is at an amazing price.

122.. I didn't even think we would ever see that again, 122.. Okay, that is, i am a buyer of quant at 122.. Okay, definitely a buyer of quant! I was a buyer of qantas, 150, okay, but this i do see that this market could continue down to like 1.

5 trillion, which would absolutely suck, but we & # 39. Ve got to hold through it man and we're still still in this extreme fear. It's like somebody hacked this meter and has just been, has just been uh, making it extreme fear.

But why is this happening? I mean there's there's, some flood coming out and uncertainty. Well, flood is uncertainty, but with uh us and russia. There's, a lot of different uh macro economic reasons that this could be happening.

Um. But honestly we just hold through it. My portfolio is at numbers that i've haven't seen in a while. So just man put your phone away. Don't look at the portfolio, but let's. Get into some of the news that's come out.

This is from ally, marguerite, marguerite here and uh. She wrote this article and i've. Read this article. It's very good. It's about hedera, going open source, so what this is actually like. This is like very bullish: okay, that they're, going open source um goodbye, ceo, goodbye, cto, so mance and lehman baird right are going to join the governing council through swirls and swirls is the company who um, who made hashgraph or or patented, or Something um, so they are joining so there's.

No ceo position, cto right. Also. She talks about charles hoskinson and his quote: what did he say if you patent your work? If there is an owner of your code, i will pretend like you, don't exist. I don't care.

If you can cure cancer, give me a or take 10 years off of my age. He doesn't care. If your work is patented, i'm, not going to talk to you in terms of code like, oh, my goodness so now. I want to see what charles hoskinson thinks of this, because now the code is open source, extremely bullish.

We have um a federal reserve or the federal reserve came out with their cbdc uh white paper, and basically, they do not. They didn't commit to launching or not launching a cbdc in this document. They want clear support from both the executive branch of the federal government and congress before it will issue a cbdc, ideally in the form of a specific authorizing law.

Basically, they're, just weighing the benefits and the negatives of this and how they're, going to do it, but they did not commit to launching or to launching or not launching one, the not launching one is very important or that Part of that is very important.

Um now expanding on that we have qnt. Look at the quant twitter, the quant twitter says we look forward to providing input to the federal reserve's new paper on cbdc. There are significant benefits to be realized for interoperability, payment efficiency, cyber security and privacy protection.

They're, always quoting stuff that they're, not directly. A part of like quant is not net. Quant is not mentioned in this document, yet they quote this and they say all this right. It's. Just interesting, now hold on now further proof that quant might be involved here from v funk punk.

Basically um there's, a bunch of language in this screenshot here uh. That perfectly goes with quant. It says the cbdc design that leverages existing infrastructure and technology so quant already exists.

The fed, uh bank of boston is collaborating with mit okay. Mit has the digital currency initiative. Mit is extremely important. Important gary gensler was also um, a professor there right. So there's and they mentioned interoperability here.

Application programming interfaces that's. Api right quantis is big. Uh is related to api. To support the issuance distribution and use of privately issued digital currencies, this is just very um. It's very obvious that quant will be involved in this um yeah.

So we'll, see about that also. We had twitter release, nft profile. Pictures, okay, nft profile pictures. Basically you can go here right. Twitter blue has one. So basically this was a marketing push for twitter, blue right, pretty smart play.

You know you need to have a twitter blue account to get an nft profile picture, so you have to pay, to put it basically pay monthly to have an nft profile picture um. I already had twitter blue because there's.

Some features that i actually do like and they're very useful. But when you click on somebody's profile picture, you can see the collection, the name of it. The creator you can go to the ethereum address right description, uh.

All of this right, you can view it on openc, so this is just crazy to see that that crypto and nfts are so big that they're directly directly integrated right like they. Let me enable tips on here as well, like you can tip my twitter in bitcoin, like you can tip some people's twitter in bitcoin, so it's like insane to see um crypto really merge with uh social platforms.

Okay. Moving on, we had elon musk uh hating on this saying. This is annoying. Twitter is spending engineering resources on this, while, while crypto scammers are throwing a spam bought block party in every thread.

Okay, this is facts. This is facts, but i mean: do you have a solution? Elon, do you have a solution for this? Because if you do, you deserve even more billions of dollars. If you have a solution to spam, bots and impersonation accounts, but that is what we've got for the daily market.

Update market is absolutely horrendous, right, good buying opportunity, if you believe in the market long term, once again macro on a macro level. 1.8 trillion is absolutely nothing absolutely nothing.

There's, predictions of this market getting to 200 trillion, which we would all be extremely rich. No matter what coin you're invested in. Basically, if it's in the top 100 uh, but huge like huge predictions for that market cap in the long term, nothing to be scared about keep tracking all of the news.

Um everything seems to be just dumping through these supports, but we will see what happens uh. What happens next, but that is all we've got. I love every single one of you and goodbye