How to join Presales for Upcoming NFTs! | New NFT Projects

Yo, what is up everyone in today's? Video, i'll, be showing you how to get into pre-sales for these upcoming nft projects. I'm. Getting a lot of questions in my comment. Section asking how to get into these pre-sales for these hyped nft projects, because by the time they do find out that there is a pre-sale, they can no longer be a part of it.

We'll, get into all of that and more in today's video, but before we do that make sure to hit that subscribe and like button, it is greatly appreciated and with that being said, welcome to the nifty verse before we Get started i do want to give a disclaimer and mention that this is not financial advice.

I am not a financial advisor. The nft space is incredibly risky, so please do your own research and make your own decisions so before we get started with how to get into these pre-sales. I want to mention the whole reason why pre-sales are conducted in the first place right there's, two main reasons that pre-sales are becoming popularized with launches of nft projects, and one of those reasons starts with the insane gas wars that we see overall.

Within the ethereum network right within ethereum, as many of you know, we have a gas problem within a theorem right when you're, trying to mint a hype, nft project or just trying to do stuff in the ethereum network.

Overall, there could be some instances where gas is just incredibly high right. So when minting a certain project, a high project, for example, it can get incredibly difficult and very costly very quickly right and in a lot of cases, you're spending more on gas than the actual mint price of the nft itself and to conduct The transaction you have to spend that gas and if you're, not able to mint that nft right there's a chance, you may lose the value that you've spent in gas, which could equate to thousands hundreds Of dollars so to prevent that from happening, a lot of nft projects have resorted to pre-sales or overall white listing their sales for their nfts, and by doing so they're able to avoid a gas war overall, preventing hundreds and in some cases, even Thousands of people from losing a ton of money in worth of eat.

The second reason why pre-sales and white listing has become popular recently is because you want to reward your early supporters within an nft project, and the people were who were there before became hyped and popularized rights, and a lot of nat projects are looking to reward.

Those certain members and people who have participated since the beginning of the nft project, and by conducting a pre-sale or by conducting a white list for the nft project, you're, able to do so and reward those participants accordingly, by the way, if you're, not doing so already make sure to go check out.

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Now, with that being said, let's, hop into how to get into a pre-sale right. There is a multitude of ways that an nft project can conduct a pre-sale and what are the requirements for a pre-sale, but for the most part, from what i've, seen the most popular way.

These nft projects have done. Pre-Sales and white lists have been for people who are doing marketing for the nft projects. Overall right there'll, be certain sections within their discord, server or their twitter.

That will outline how to get into this pre-sale. Some of the most popular ways are inviting other people to the discord server itself or changing your profile picture or doing some sort of post on tick, tock or instagram or youtube, or something like that.

Those are just some of the most popular ways. Nfc projects like to conduct their requirements for accessing a pre-sale, but we'll, go into an nft project that recently released right and outlined some of the things that they required certain members to do to get access to that pre-sale.

So we're, taking a look at an nft project called the acousacat society, which is a very new nft project that i believe at the time of recording, have not had their public sale yet, but they have had already a successful pre-sale launch right And some of the things that they've required for their pre-sale and how to get access to that pre-sale here are some of the rules that they outlined here, so they outlined that that must reach a minimum level, five on discord, which basically means The more active you are in the discord community, the more messages you type, the more xp you'll, get right to level up within this discord.

Server, add 893 at the end of your server name, so that's. Some sort of marketing tactic they're, trying to do with the nft project, change your discord and twitter profile picture to one of these two profile pictures down below.

So one of these two so more marketing for the nft project. Overall, invite five friends to our discord and help our community grow. You can check your invites with the command invites in the bots commands channel right.

So basically, just sending invites to people who aren't in the server in hopes that they're able to get into the server. And you will get credit for that. Invite when they do end up joining the server stay.

Active and spread positive vibes so overall, just staying, active and making sure that you're being good in the community and those were kind of just some of the requirements that they required for you to someone get access to their pre-sale listing right.

They specify right here once you reach that qualification, you'll, be giving a certain role, but that doesn't mean that you'll, be guaranteed a spot on the white list. It basically means that you fulfilled all the requirements specifically for this nft project.

That doesn't mean that all nfc projects are going to do it. The same exact way right a lot of entity projects like to mix it up do things that are different right and some of the nft projects have things that are similar as well.

There also will be a lot of these instances where nft projects will give out mint passes and pre-sale spots on their twitter right or their social media network. So if you're into an nft project, specifically make sure you're following all of their socials and in their discord just to check out for announcements that might be giving out these pre-sale spots or mint passes so overall.

What i think is the most popular way to get into a pre-sale is, by joining the community early right, join their discord server early. You can take a look at places like rarity tools and nft catcher to see upcoming, nft collections that are going to be happening and releasing in the future maybe join their discord, server and start participating in the community.

Overall right, the team seems to be wanting to reward that activity right and just overall behavior within the server itself to give you access to a pre-sale spot right. Not all nft projects are going to have a pre-sale, but i would say it's kind of becoming a little more normalized right now, especially with overall gas wars and fees that we're, seeing in the ethereum network.

As of right. Now so it is going to be somewhat kind of normalized and there will be an outline section in most nft projects on their discord server, highlighting the requirements on in order to access a pre-sale.

Now i know you might be asking: how do i find these projects? Early right, how do i get into these discord servers early before all the pre-sale spots are taken up? Well, i've, made a video discussing how to find nfts on ethereum and even solana early.

So you can check out that video right up above and just a simple kind of description of that there's, places like rarity tools. There's, places like nft capture on solana. There's, places like how rare dot is where you can end up, checking these nft projects and with their upcoming releases overall and places like twitter.

That will show you upcoming nft releases. That may be happening in the near future and when you see that join the discord server and see if they have a pre-sale that is happening right, you may get lucky there's, a lot of nft projects that are releasing right now.

So you're bound to at least you know, find one that maybe you'll, be able to get a pre-sale into right. It might not happen for everyone, but just by looking around and making sure you're active within their communities, you might get access to that pre-sale spot and by getting access to that pre-sale spot you won & # 39.

T have to worry about the insane minting process that happens within a public sale and potentially the worry of spending hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on wasted gas on ethereum. But with that being said, that was just my overall view on how to get into a pre-sale.

Hopefully, you found some value in today's, video and if you did make sure to slap that like and subscribe button, it is greatly appreciated and with that being said, i will catch you all later.