Yo it's cool times, ganging to my cats, sup tommy ducks we're gonna, be showing you guys some tips and tricks today on how to snipe nfts during the post reveal dip. I'm. Actually gonna. Try to buy a cool man's.

Universe. Show you guys how to do that. How to take advantage of a rare lull in the market. I'm, going to show you guys the trends, the tips, the tricks, all the trades. You guys want to be making again.

This is not financial advice, but you should subscribe this channel, and you should also comment and a like this video, because i'm, giving out some white list spots, four of them for dreamland genesis, listen guys.

I'm, a huge collector, as you can see. From my background. This is a great collector's project i mean i, i collect weird things like men in black burger king toys, so um this kind of anime inspired project uh.

10. 000, mint um with this whole kind of uh allure behind it, and this um kind of, like blade runner type, feel to it, seems really cool to me. A comic book coming so giving out four white list spots for dreamland genesis.

You just have to comment below your favorite comic book. Favorite comic book movie, whatever you guys want to do, comment that below four white list spots going out to people on youtube, but i want to show you guys a live snipe right now.

I want to show you guys the tips and the tricks that other people don't want you to know about. I'm, going to show you guys and it's a little risky for me to be doing this right now, because i should be like sniping right now during this dip.

But i'm, going to take the time and show my sniping friends. So let's, get into it. Okay, so a couple of things you need to succeed in this space, one you need to subscribe to this channel, but two you need to be following projects on twitter, so you can see tweets like this.

It says reveal in one minute, from cool man's universe, so once i see a tweet like this, this is a bull signal. This is get your sniper out and let's pew pew, because that means the project is naturally going to start dipping, because what happens is when the nft reveals and people realize they.

Didn't, get something rare. They decide to paper hands, especially whales, let's say somebody got 40 or 50 cool man's universe. They got a bunch of them, um half of them might not be rare at all, and they're dumping them below floor.

They just want to make profit back. So i'm, going to try to take advantage of that. While people are paper handing so that, once all the paper hands go out, the diamond hands, succeed and uh, the price starts to go back up.

So let's, see if we can take advantage of this yeah damn so it's dropped to .13, which is pretty low. I like to stay in the .15.2 range for post-reveal dips, but um. We're still gonna see if we can just find any rares that have maybe just revealed on the floor.

People have left them up from uh putting them up earlier. So some of these right now haven't revealed. I'm, going to continue to refresh and check the metadata on those. If one of those end up being rare, then i have a rare nft for very low at the floor.

Um this .13 um specie is probably the best snipe. Look. How i mean it's, not incredibly thin but .13, and then quickly get up to 0.15. I mean um. It just takes a high volume collection for this to get swept, so the best bet might just to be grabbed at .

13. That might maximize your value. While things are moving quick, you have to think fast. You have to have cat like reflexes and a lot of times. You just have to eyeball these things. I don't even use rarity tools anymore.

Really. At this point i mean maybe there's - some rarity stuff out there in an hour or two, but these are revealing right now. So i'm, just eyeballing these right now and just trying to see if anything's.

Rare, like the background here, looks interesting. Um background here looks interesting, glasses here. Well, we see double glasses here, so that's, not as rare as we thought. I'm gonna keep going here.

What do you guys think? What do we see that looks rare this part about open c is that it takes so long for them to reset like i actually just went and tried to click buy now on this one for 0.13. Obviously, it already been sniped.

Somebody had out sniped the american sniper so um i'm, actually just going to go to the recently listed to see if i can find something there. Now we're, seeing some rare species, i mean these are really cool.

That's like a neon vibe like this monkey ape one uh apes are always super sought after kind of the flintstones vibe here so um most, the recently listed ones are rare ones. Um i don't wan na i don't. Have that much conviction right now, so i'm gonna go back to price low to high, and i'm.

Actually, just gonna try to sweep something off the floor here's. One way to just like cut through. All of it is to just open links to a bunch of different tabs for ones that you like. I'm, specifically going for the ones that haven & # 39.

T revealed right now, just to like hedge my bets that one of them would reveal to something rare um. So i'm, just gonna open the links instead of like manually clicking each one and finding out. Oh, i've been sniped from the back.

Oh, my god did end up getting a cool man's, universe that hasn't been revealed for .16 eth. It's a little bit more than i wanted to spend. Probably, and i could have gotten something cheaper. If i waited a little bit longer, but it's, something i wanted to snipe.

So i went ahead and did it hope this video was helpful for you guys and showing you. The post reveal dip strategy. Basically, anytime, you see a big project that has a floor price of 0.2 and up before reveal is going to be primed for a great post reveal snipe once it gets down to that .

15 range. I got mine at 0.16, but once it gets to that 0.15 to point to 0.2 range, i think it's really great to uh time to get in and potentially 2x also. Another tip is don't, be this guy who listed his nft for .

16, then dropped the price to 0.15, then canceled. It which cost gas fees and re-listed at 0.16. Don't. Do that don't burn gas fees, save your ether, it all comes back to conviction in the project. I'm, not completely in love with the artwork of cool man's universe.

It is that kind of cute artwork that we usually see in successful projects so hedging my bets there, but really it comes down to the artist cool man, coffee dan. He's, a published author uh. He's, also huge on tick.

Tock these things matter real doxxed teams matters, so that comes down to my conviction. There also, i saw a lot of people in like-minded communities of mine get into this project, and so i thought it would be primed for a post-reveal snipe.

Now you guys are probably wondering why didn't i just try to get whitelist well grinding for whitelist spots takes a lot of time and is very tedious. I work a full-time job just like a lot of other people.

It's. Very tough for me to grind white lists the other side of the token you have public mints, which can be crazy with gas fees. You can mess up if you try to mint directly from a contract. So sometimes i like to see a project actually go through the minting process.

I want to see if there's fud. If there's, no flood and the if the project actually climbs uh pre-revealed, that's, a bullish signal. So once i have these bullish signals and i get to see how the project performs in the market uh for a couple of days, um that's enough analysis, i need for me to make a post reveal snipe.

Okay, so my nft ended up revealing and it's got a cool background. It says you're special and it & # 39. S got a nice bow tie here. He's, a good looking dude. He's, real official. He looks like he's, a part of the cool times team.

He's, part of sniper game. So now, if i really want to see how rare this actually is, i go down to the properties here all right when i see zero point like 79 0.63. Those are good signals now, most rare nfts are mostly a liquid as if it's, not a board ape type project.

Huge collectors, aren't, usually aping in on a daily basis, to snipe rare nfts. So really doesn't matter when it comes down to it, but it could be icing on a cake that's, the whole process of buying an nft.

Now we have to figure out when to sell it, because this is something i'm likely going to flip. So maybe i'll make another video about this, or maybe this will start a huge flipping journey of mine. Who knows? Hopefully it won't, be an l; hopefully it's a w.

Hopefully, cyber game goes pew pew to wrap up today's. Video just wanted to remind everybody that four whitelist spots are up for grabs for dreamland genesis. So make sure to comment below your favorite comic book or comic book movie.

I'm going to see spider-man on christmas with my family, so i'm, really excited for that one, but um. I think my favorite of all time might be like the original one, with uh with tobey maguire. I remember being like a kid and getting popcorn with all my friends after school and going to see those movies, so those were always fun.

They always came out like memorial day uh weekend here in america. So love those movies love my gang gang gang