MekaVerse Final Release Update & Overview | How to Enter Raffle to Purchase MekaVerse NFT!

Oh lord mecca thine bless me on october 6 to mint one of these meccas. I promise always to be a good boy and never resell and to always hold with these diamond hands. Yo, my bad. You call me my nightly prayer to mecca christ.

I always do these prayers every single night to hopefully be blessed on the release day to mental one of these meccas, because let's face it. All of us are gonna have to be blessed one way or another to get the opportunity to make one of these meccas through the raffle.

So all jokes aside in this video, we're, going to be providing the final update for mecca verse. The team behind mechaverse has provided the final update for the overall release, providing details about the raffle and what will be going on with the mechaverse project.

We're, going to cover all those details and i'm, going to give some of my final thoughts on the mechaverse nft project. But before we get into it make sure you hit that subscribe and like button is greatly appreciated and with that being said, welcome to the nifty verse so before we get into it.

I do want to give a disclaimer and mention that this is not financial advice. I am not a financial advisor. The nft space is incredibly risky, so please do your own research and make your own decisions.

I am as well not sponsored or paid by mechaverse to make this video. I am just personally really excited for the project with that being said, let's, hop right into it and we're going to get into an update behind mecaverse now, where we left off last time on my last video about how To purchase a mechaverse, we understood that there was going to be a raffle involved, but there were no details about the raffle at the time of recording just today, really at the time of making this video, we just got an update from julian, which is one of The head team members within the mecca verse and he provided details about how the raffle will go down and overall drop details behind the mechaverse release.

Now before we get into the raffle registration and everything that is associated with that. Let me give some brief details about mechaverse. Mechavs is an nft project that will be releasing on october 6th for a mint price of 0.

2 ethereum. They will contain 888 of these mechas and we can see somewhat of a preview right here and you can see that there are these 3d models of this robotic mecha bots and just a brief overview. This is the most hyped nft release we have seen thus far in the nft space and possibly the most hyped nft release this year.

Now, moving on to the update provided by julian, we're gonna go through this update one by one and discuss and just give some of my thoughts on how this is gonna end up performing so right. Here, julian is mentioning everyone saying we're only one day away from the release date and we're, so excited to share these moments with you.

It's, been an incredible journey towards the release date. Let's dive in to the details, questions and answers. How many mecca can i mint in total up to two so interesting? They will not just be doing one per mecca.

It's, going to be allowed to be minted up to two. If you are selected in the raffle, which is interesting and we'll touch back on that in a little bit, which wallet do i need to mint at mecca? We only support metamask right so make sure you have a metamask account.

Do i need to have ether in my wallet to register? Yes, you will need at least .2 ethereum for one and .4 ethereum for two meccas. Is there going to be a reveal date? So we're, getting actually information about the reveal date here.

Yes, on october 10th, you will find out which mecca you have minted, so that's awesome. So we're already getting more details about the actual reveal date of this nft project. Once it's been minted, can i participate plus mint from mobile? Yes, but it's recommended to participate plus mint on pc, so that's.

Something important to note just try to make sure you are minting on pc. That is what's being recommended by the mechaverse team. Overall, you definitely don't want to experience a bug associated on mobile, so it's just better to be safe than sorry.

Do i have to pay a gas fee to register for a ticket? No, the tickets are free. Now we get into the raffle explanation: when will you announce the raffle process? October 6, 2021 at 11, am which is in 14 hours, at least from the time that i'm, recording so the by the time you watch this video, you're, going to be able to hop into their discord or their twitter And it's, going to provide a video for you on how to exactly enter the raffle right so make sure you watch that video guide - i was speaking with julian recently, and it basically is just a video tutorial on how to access the raffle.

So after this video make sure you check out their discord for those details and now getting into the details about the raffle right here, it mentions that you & # 39. Ll, have six hours to sign up for the raffle.

When will the raffle start important things to note october 6th at 11 pm central european time october 6, 2021, 5 pm, which is in 20 hours from my time that i am recording it right now, keep in mind that you will need ethan your wallet, tickets and Registrations are free and no gas fee is required, so just kind of reiterating that same information.

Again, we saw up above two after raffle registration, a waiting period of 24 hours will begin. We will be reviewing everyone's entries and selecting the raffle winners. That's. Pretty interesting right.

I'm, not sure if it's, a randomized raffle or if it's, a raffle where they end up selecting the overall winners for this nft project. But that'll, be interesting to see how it ends up playing out, but just something to know you & # 39.

Ll, probably get a full explanation. Once the actual raffle is up, three, a 30 minute event will begin on our website and you will be able to check if your ticket was selected three. So this is after you've already registered with the raffle.

It mentions a 30 minute event. Will begin on our website and you will be able to check if your ticket was selected. When will the 30 minute event start on october, 7th at 11 pm central european time october, 7th 2021 5 pm in two days from now, so that's.

Something you know just make sure the time that is associated with this dates right here is with your time that you are currently at. If you want a mecca, you will have six hours to mint, so more important information do not worry.

If you missed this event, you can always go back to the website. After the event, we will share an animated, explainer video that will teach you exactly what you need to do to successfully register and mint a mecca.

We encourage everyone to participate in our discord. Community stay active and follow our official twitter account at official info. So basically, they want everyone to participate and they will be also releasing an animated, explainer video to be able to understand the raffle process by the way.

If you're, not doing so already make sure to go check out. My twitter account at nft versus underscore. We're, going to be running exclusive, nft giveaways for followers and subscribers so make sure to go.

Follow my twitter, which is linked down in the description below and subscribe to. The youtube channel also make sure you're following the correct twitter account at nft. Verse underscore use the link down below because there are people trying to pose as me now just some of the concerns that they have highlighted here.

Website concerns we are prepared for the volume of traffic that our website will receive when the raffle goes live. We are prepared, with numerous servers and backups, to keep the website up and running, keep in mind that the stability issues such as a slow website may occur, but we will work on this together.

Just some things to note there's, incredible hype. That is going behind this release and i would not be shocked if the website ends up going down or is incredibly slow when entering that raffle process.

But it's, just something we're gonna have to be patient with and hopefully that the team behind mecha verse will be able to handle it, and basically the rest of this is just discord. Security and just warning people about scams, because there is a bunch of scammers people trying to take advantage of this extremely hyper lease and trying to take advantage of the people that are excited for it, trying to scam them out of their ethereum.

The raffle will be fully announced on october 6th at 11 a.m. So, right after you watch this video right after this video check, their discord check their twitter and i'm sure there's, going to be more information available.

Raffle will then start on october 6th at 5 pm eastern time, keep in mind. You will have to have ethereum in your wallet to enter and register with the raffle and, depending on how much you want right.

It's either 0.2 or 0.4 ethereum right. If you want one mecca that's going to be 0.2. If you want two meccas that's, going to be 0.4 ethereum, you're, going to have to need in your wallet once that process is finished.

They will then reviewing the people who've participated in the raffle and start selecting winners, then, on october 7th, at 5 pm eastern time they will hold a 30-minute event announcing those winners and something extremely important to note.

Is you're? Going to want to be on your computer that day making sure you are active, because you will only have six hours to mint and if you don't mint within those six hours. I'm, just assuming you're.

No longer going to be able to mint. So if you missed the 30 minute event right, that's announcing the winners that's, fine just make sure you mint within those six hours. If you are selected within the raffle - and just some final recap, details to mention that are important is that they will only be supporting a metamask wallet.

So you're, going to have to have a metamask wallet to mint one of these nfts and make sure you are trying to mint on pc. They said that it's possible to mint on mobile, but it's. Safer and they actually recommend the minting on pc.

So just keep those details in mind. So the big day is here the big day of the actual release for the mecca, verse, nft project is here and people are excited. People are finally going to get the opportunity to at least enter a raffle to get the possibility of minting one of these nfts and just to recap, some of the art i mean the artwork looks absolutely excellent and the leaks that they have provided for us here.

I mean absolutely just looks stunning and we can see that each one of these mechas have so much character involved with them and whatever one a person ends up getting. I feel like they're, going to be extremely extremely happy with this.

Now. Some of my final thoughts and opinions on the overall nft project is that i am super excited for it. I think the art is fantastic. I think the public team is great right. The overall credibility that has been given to the actual project itself is immense.

The community is ginormous all the things point to a good nft project, but at the same time that doesn't mean in the very end, this nft project will end up succeeding. There are a lot of other factors that could affect the overall brand and price of this project once it's released.

Now i'll, be personally entering this raffle myself, hoping and praying to mecha christ, like we did at the beginning of this video that i'll, be blessed enough to be able to mince one of these meccas at the end of The day, if i'm, not able to it, was a great time covering this release, super excited to see how this one ends up going.

I wish you all luck. We'll, be talking about this nft release as it goes live within my discord right. So if you want to join my discord, the link is down in the description below and we can talk about the overall release and the mecha verse within the discord and the server with all of the other participants in there.

We're. Also, just talking about nfts daily and providing that alpha and what's going on within the nft space. Once again, i wish you all luck in this nfc release. Wishing the best for you and let's set out a prayer for mecha christ.

Oh lord mecha christ bless us with thy mints. Today we will be forever grateful and make sure and promise you. We will behave like good little nft g-gens and not resell and huddle to the moon. I'm just playing, but at the same time i do wish you luck.

I hope you get blessed with this release. Let me know down in the comment section down below if you end up getting one or tweet me on twitter or message me on discord whatever you want to do, and let me know if you end up getting one or not it & # 39.

Ll be really interesting to see how many people end up missing this project and if you enjoyed and found some value in today's. Video make sure you hit that subscribe and like button. It is greatly appreciated and with that being said, i will catch you all later.