NEW NFTs with 20X potential (SOON)

Champ crypto here aka nft, steve jobs, aka the crypto tie to evasa, hey hey what's going on guys and welcome back to the channel, have a banger video planned for today. But first i wanted to announce that i am running a youtube giveaway.

I'm, going to be giving away one free, nft, a magic mushroom, clubhouse nft. If you didn't know that's co-founded by my friend. The bret way the floor on these is about .134 eath right now, which i think is over 350 us dollars the enter.

You can go ahead and just fill out the form below in the description. There will be a couple questions in there based on little tidbits throughout this video, so make sure to watch through the whole thing.

So you can know what to put in there to enter. I will be giving this away sometime next week, so make sure you go down below and enter that anyway, let's, get right into the content of today's, video all right guys, so the first collection i'm, Going to talk about today is going to be rubber duck bath party.

Now this is one that one of my anointed in the champs only discord. Haka is a big fan of he's been talking about them for a while. I did take a deeper look into them recently, as they did see a little bit more volume than usual today.

As you can see here, looking at the icy tools chart, there has been a little bit of a move today from right under 0.01 to about 0.14. It seems that interest is sort of beginning to grow around these. I think this is largely a factor of the market beginning to recover, in people being a little bit more bullish on nfts in general, but what's really interesting about this collection? In my opinion, and the reason why i thought it was worth talking about on the channel is going to be their main utility or rather what they call their bath parties.

So, as you can see here on the website, it says every once in a while. Your duck will be invited to a bath party in long story short. What happens here. Is you submit your nft to one of their quote? Unquote, bath parties, and afterwards it comes back either with a new trait or could potentially lose a trait there's, sort of that.

Little gambling aspect that we know people love so much in entities. The same reason collections pump pre-reveal. What's very, very cool here? Is you can see that the parties actually don't cost any gas? And this is honestly just something that i thought was worth mentioning because it's, something that i've, never seen before in nft collection.

If you watch the channel, you know, i'm a fan of innovation, and i always want to highlight that, regardless of what market dynamics look like now, of course, it's, not financial advice, and i want you to go.

Do your own research and also be cautious, given that they have already made somewhat of a move to the upside today, but, moreover, i think this is one that you should keep an eye on if that functionality interests you as a mid-term hold.

If you think this is something that sort of resonates with you and that you want to make a bet on, but yeah, i just kind of wanted to put this on you guys radar, because it is something that i think is really interesting, and the website is Cool, and so is the art all right now.

Another collection i'm gonna highlight today is going to be muri now. This is one that we talked about on the channel a long long time ago that i gave away whitelist spots on my twitter, for that i gave away whitelist spots to my holders, for i dm the team whenever they had like a thousand followers.

I think then they went ahead to announce you know a collab with karafuru and some other big collections, but looking at the chart here, you can see that it has been showing some really really great strengths, especially after this whitelist mint began.

If you look at the chart here, you can see that it had a big dip from about 0.5 to about 0.35 right when that whitelist mint began. That's because they minted at half the price at which the dutch auction finished, which means it meant it at .

15. If you're paying attention here, obviously that's, an opportunity to sort of scoop up some of the paper handers and get in at a really good price. You'd, already be sitting up about point two eighth, but, moreover, guys i kind of wanted to point this out to illustrate how much it can pay to simply be paying attention to the collections that we talk about earlier on the channel or really Just be scouring twitter in general to get early to these projects, you would have been able to get yourself a white list and really just kind of begin to stack that east to make those bigger plays and to park in blue chips at discounts like we always Talk about on the channel if you want to go ahead and make a bet on the art you can, of course try and scoop.

One after reveal the safe play. Of course, if you have, one of these is go ahead and take profits. Pre-Reveal but yeah just wanted to kind of highlight this, and i am looking forward to seeing the team continue to roll things out here, because they & # 39.

Ve done a really good job. Thus far there's. Another collection i'm going to talk about is going to be gnss now. This is one that, as you can see, is already doing very well in the secondary market, so essentially for those who don't know, as you can see, this is by mgxs who's, the artist behind this project.

He is also a member of the artifact team. If you're unaware that's, the team that developed clone x, which is at like a 12 eighth floor and owned by nike now so a pretty big deal. The owners of artifacts support this artist.

A lot and kind of the key piece here is that people are speculating that there may be a collab with clonex in the future. It might have something to do with that. Clonex airdrop box, but, as you can see by looking at price charts here, it is down from its all-time high.

Honestly, you just kind of think is one worth keeping on your radar. If you want to watch for dips and try and enter, then i'll leave links down below, so you can go check it out, yeah guys. Another project that i think is worth mentioning in today's, video, it's, going to be fairy fiends club.

Now. This is one that i think is kind of on a lot of people's radar, but they maybe don't understand in the greatest of detail. My understanding is actually that the fairy fiend founder here, who has a pretty big following on the internet, put out a very small initial collection of legendaries and twitter had gone ahead and purchased one of those in order to sort of support female founders.

Because of that, people, of course, are speculating that this collection made you really well when it comes out. However, as you can see, there are less than 10 000 followers and it's still kind of flying under the radar, because i don't think twitter ever like explicitly linked to fairy fiends when they made that profile picture selection.

So, honestly, just kind of wanted to keep it on your radar because it hasn't minted. Yet i think there's, probably some opportunity to get whitelist here. I think i will also be giving away wireless spots on my twitter, so make sure you're, following with notifications on make sure that you go ahead and enter that giveaway link down below in the description.

As always guys, if you're a fan of the channel, you know i will be back tomorrow. I love you and i & # 39. Ll, see you soon. Peace