NFTs I'm Minting soon & Long term holds | 10x NFT Projects

Yo, what is everyone today's? Video? I'm, going to be telling you about 10 nft projects, i think, are set to explode in the near future as well as in the long term. Within those 10 nft projects, i will be showing you here today: four of those are going to be unreleased nft projects that are set to mint sometime in the near future.

Then six of those nft projects are going to be. Those long-term holds that i personally really believe in as nft projects in the long run, so it's kind of going to be a speed round for covering these nft projects, because we have a lot to cover here that you're.

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I do want to give a disclaimer and mention that this is not financial advice. I am not a financial advisor. The nft space is incredibly risky, so please do your own research and make your own decisions.

I am as well not sponsored or paid by any of the nft projects we will be talking about here in today's. Video now, like i said these are going to be some of the nft projects. I truly believe in for the long term, as well as in the short term mint we're first, going to start off with those four nft projects.

I think are going to be pretty solid right here, coming up to mint in the near future. That first nft project is going to be goblin laboratory. This is an nft project that is going to be releasing on october 27th on the solana blockchain just a quick overview of this project.

The project consists of these goblins right, this very intricate art that is involved with this nft project and is basically allowing you to create the nft project within this collection. It's, a very unique collection that i have not seen any other nft do until now, and i love nft projects that innovate within the space.

So this is definitely one that i'm, going to be looking out for. Another thing to note is that, within this nft project, if you do end up getting one and minting one of these nfts, you will also be able to have access to other nft releases that utilize the same technology as what goblin laboratory is using.

I also have a more in-depth analysis about this project. If you want to check out the video up above. The next project we'll, be talking about here, is going to be sub drive, which is going to be releasing sometime, possibly in late october or early november.

This nfc project is extremely unique as the games themselves for this nft collection are nfts. So basically, there's, a sub drive virtual video game console and then the nfts that are going to be created within this nft collection are going to be the games itself.

So you're, going to need the nft, which is the game to actually play the game in the virtual console. We can take a look at one of these games based on the twitter post, that was posted by the official sub drive account and it's, just very impressive that this is going to be all on chain and the games are actually nfts.

Something also to know is that the creator of this nft project is dom, which is also the creator of vine, as well as other prominent nft projects like blitmap noun to dao and the loot nft project. So this is one i'm.

Definitely looking out for - and i think has massive potential going into it. You can also check a more in-depth analysis about this project in a video up above. The next project we have here is called skull x, nft and the skull x.

Nft is scheduled to release sometime in late october that will contain 10 000 of these avatars and these avatars from what we can see from this post right here. Are this demonic, skeletal figure which i personally enjoy, and i think the artistic style is extremely nice and i've been a part of the community for a little bit now and i am personally really enjoying the community and what's? Going on in there, i think the team behind this project has done an excellent job in just incentivizing people within the community to participate within the project, and the project itself is consistently growing every day and we're, seeing some nice organic growth within This nft project, if you want to check a full, in-depth analysis on this nfc project, i have actually created an overview for this project, a video which you can check up above the next major mint that, i think, has incredible opportunities, obviously going to be the clonex Drop, this is one of the most hyper releases we have seen yet, which contains these 3d anime avatars, i would say possibly and we can see that there's very detailed 3d models within this project and, like i said, a lot of people are Excited for this release, this is one of the most massive communities.

If you end up joining this nft project or participating in the community by checking out their discord or twitter now, artifact studios is an extremely well-known team within the nft space, as well as the digital art sector.

They have done previous nft projects prior to clonex. That have also done extremely well. They have worked with a lot of people and they do have some great connections now. This project is set to release sometime in october.

There is no scheduled release date just yet, but there will be a total of 20 000 of these avatars that will exist within the clonex nft project. Now something to note the public sale will be a dutch auction, so it's, going to be relatively of a higher cost to mint one of these nfts.

But at the same time i think there's. A lot of potential for this nft project, just considering who the team is and how well they have executed thus far on their past nft releases by the way, if you're, not doing so already make sure to go.

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Now we're gonna move on to the six nfc projects, i think will do great in the long term. Some of these nfts i'm gonna mention in this top six list. Right here are definitely blue chip, nfts and nfts. I have very, very strong conviction for some of the nfts that we're going to be talking about in this list.

Right here are personally some of the nfts that i am consistently trying to climb to. I'll, reiterate again, my conviction for some of these nfc projects is extremely extremely strong and the first nfc project we'll, be talking about here - is cool cats, nft and cool cats.

Nft has to be the most brandable project. I've ever seen within the nft space. I think the cat is super fun and great to look at, and one of the things i think is incredibly bullish is that it doesn't specify to one gender right.

Any person could like this nft right. This nftr speaks to everyone right and, like i said, i find that incredibly important because it increases the overall market share for an nft project. A lot of the nft projects.

We're, seeing in the space right now, i feel, like are male avatars. I feel like there's, not many options to women, and i think that's, going to play a big role once more women get into the space which will happen in the future, and the team behind this project is excellent.

They have been able to execute on so many things, and the artist himself is just someone, i think, is super super cool and has been personally working on this cool cat character forever now. So this is definitely one of the projects that i am super bullish on.

In the long term - and i think, has massive potential to be one of those humongous ips, similar to disney similar to mickey mouse and similar to other major ips that are currently relevant in today's culture.

Now the next nft project we're, going to be talking about, is board apiacala board, apiacla being one of the most prominent nft projects in the space. At the moment, board api club has similarly spoken to a lot of people.

Like cool cats, has something about this monkey avatar. I've spoken to many celebrities and prominent influencers within the space. I also see board apiacla being one of these prominent ips and brands that will establish itself in mainstream culture.

There's, something about being an ape there's, something about repping this avatar and associating with it. That just makes sense. Some cool news is that they hired a talent manager to expand the brand overall, with the amount of traction that board api club has gotten in the amount of funding that this project has gone as well as the team, i see incredible opportunity for them to continue To push this ip and brand further, now, of course, we got ta talk about the infamous crypto punks.

I think these will stay relevant for an extremely long time, if you believe in the nft space and you believe in the longevity of the nft space. These are going to be relevant. In my personal opinion, crypto punks released back in 2017, making it one of the first ever nfts to ever release on the ethereum blockchain now crypto punks is the first nft collection to release in this 10 000 avatar format.

They basically started the movement and what we're, seeing today with a lot of nft projects, and these pixelated avatars definitely contain this old-fashioned vibe to it as well, and as we continue to grow within the nft space.

As the nft space continues to get older, these are going to become more relevant and sought. After now, i know they aren't cheap. They're, currently sitting at a 405 000 floor price, but at the same time i think these are historic, nfts and if you are a person who believes in the nft space in the long run, these are still going to continue to be relevant.

Next up, we have art blocks, which i think will continue to be one of the most prominent collections in the future. Our blocks basically popularize a new movement of art, generative art by using computer algorithms.

They are able to generate what we're, seeing right here now. Some of these pieces already go for multi-millions of dollars and in my opinion, it has sparked a new movement within art. What we're, witnessing in my personal opinion, is absolute art history, which i think will stay relevant and i think, will become one of the most iconic times in the history of art.

I think some of the most prominent art blocks collections like ringers, fedenzas and squiggles, will continue to stay relevant in the future and, i think, will become one of the most expensive nfts as well as artworks.

We will ever see now. Our second and last spot is going to contain a few nft projects. That is because i am putting these all in a bundle and calling it historical nfts. I think historical nfts are going to stay relevant and become somewhat of importance once we do continue the space and overall development of the nft space.

I think nfts are monumental and i think people will start to care about how old a certain nft is, and i think there will be added collectibility for those older nfts that released back in 2016 and 2017.

. So nft projects like pixel map my curio cards, official mooncats, we have on bitcoin, we have rare pepes that are extremely relevant even now that are some of the earliest forms of nfts that we have ever seen and, like i said as time continues to pass on.

I think these nfts are going to become more relevant in the telling of history behind the space and the last set of entities i'm. Extremely bullish for in the long term, is going to be played, earn blockchain gaming, nfts and those nfts can include land within the games, items that are associated with the games that give certain perks, as well as the collectibles that may be attached to these games as Well, but also something very important to know it depends on the game.

There are going to be so many blockchain games that are going to be created that a lot a lot will fail. But the few that will succeed will see massive massive success and i think the nfts within these games are going to be incredibly valuable in the future i mean already.

We can see certain games like axi infinity, seeing some insane sales for some of their axes. Now. Those are the 10 nft projects i wanted to mention to you all here today. Four of those nft projects are going to be those newly minted projects that we'll, be releasing here in the near future, and then six of those nft projects are going to be those long-term picks, at least for myself, that i really believe in And have strong conviction in.

Let me know your thoughts on my list in the comments section down below i'm, also excited for a lot of other nfv projects in the space, besides just the ones i mentioned here in today's. Video, i just wanted to mention those 10 in today's, video, because those are the 10 most important ones that i'm looking in the near future, as well as looking for to hold in the long term and by the way, If you want to talk more about nfts and what's going on within the space, we have a discord server which you can find linked down in the description below where myself and a lot of other people are constantly talking about.

What's going on within the nft space, as well as providing some alpha happening in the space? So hopefully you did enjoy today's, video. It was kind of a rapid, nft speed fire of these nft projects, but hopefully you did find some value and if you did please smash that like and subscribe button is greatly appreciated and with that being said, i will catch you all later.