Top 4 Cardano NFT's for February (Millionaires Will be Made)

How are we doing nft update family? You don't think about gun family. We got some big things coming up in february. I want to share them with you in the cardano nft space. These are some huge things happening in february that i think you know if you time it right, maybe jump in a little early.

Maybe there's. Some gains in the future, of course, do your own research? It's, not financial advice. You know this is just kind of the things that are on dz's radar, as we're looking here, and the first project i want to talk about is thread world nft that is cnft.

This is a pretty cool project. That's, unlike anything that you really see 1618 unique one of one cnfts. They represent different thread monsters, but they have some big things in february here's, the r you can see the floor.

It's around a hundred uh. You know it. Doesn't, take too long for it to jump up, but it's. Cool things you're, not seeing anything like this anywhere else and starting on the seventh thread modes and threat punks there's.

Also the thread punks there's, a thousand of those they'll yield credits. Every 15 days, those 15 those credits will be swapped for animons for free now the animons look totally nuts there's. A couple i wanted to share with you uh this one's; super cool that one's dope that one's dope by the dangers of vaping.

I, like it pretty funny about it too uh there's, another one where the alien gets blown up. I mean that one looks cool uh this one that is sick, that's. Sick. His face gets cut off, uh yeah - i'm - definitely excited about this, so i don't know something that uh, i you know is on my radar.

There's, really not that many, the artwork's unique. I think the animons you know is gonna, be a nice little pump uh. You know you could just kind of earn the credit, so it's like you have to have it on the six so that you know people will see it on the 8th on the 10th next month in march.

You know so this uh may just get more and more popular again. The threads there's, a 16 100 of them and then there's, a thousand thread punks. So we're, looking at only at 2600 and then the animons. You know i'm, expecting a little pop from those.

So i don't know thread world super cool uh. We maybe even give out some threads, so uh keep an eye out for some giveaways on twitter uh. We'll, be giving away some cool stuff. So second project that's, got doing some cool things.

In february we're gonna be looking at four total lazy llamas. The serum is to be going live pretty soon uh. If we look at that uh oh preview, uh 179 is the floor. Uh was floating around 200. I mean it gets back up to 200 fairly quickly and then you know it's a pretty thick floor, but once it breaks through you know, i'm.

Expecting people to get excited about the serums uh. You know the serums are gonna mutate, these llamas into something cool. Let's, see. Maybe we can pull it up. Lazy, llama, serum x, uh, you see, the serum serums fell.

You know they're down to about a buck. 50.. Um those jump to 200 a lot more quickly. You can see the tier twos i kind of want to get a tier three. I really do want to get a tier three but uh i'm. Sorry, a tier one.

I have a tier three. I have a tier two, i kind of want to get some of the ones, and you know maybe oh yeah, seven. So these were a thousand. You know they're down about 20. I'm, not expecting people to paper hand these uh, let's.

Just look at the art, the arts cool there's, so you know we kind of get a little preview of what will happen. So you get the you know, level three level, two level one it you know increases i mean even the threes look cool, so i don & # 39.

T expect people to you know. Oh i you know. If you don't, do the level one you know it's not worth it. They all kind of have a different vibe uh, the art. When i say the arts amazing, the art is totally sick.

I mean when you zoom in the level of detail, is just nuts this you know. Unfortunately, i'm, not gonna name names, but some of the projects on cardano. The art is just not there, but here the lazy llamas, the artist there kind of reminds me of board apes.

You know with the the whole mutation thing, so i'm, expecting a pop on that. We're. Looking at mid-february uh there's, something else with them going on. Oh yeah. Lazy paper is what they're, calling their white paper that releases in two days, so that might have a little spike.

You know the the mutations have a little spike. You know it's, just something that i think is cool. I'm, definitely going to mutate, a llama i don't know if i'm going to do a bunch of them, but you know i'm at least mutating my level two, so uh.

You know. Definitely gonna do that. Third, one, you know i don't wan na you know talk about too much here, but the ada ninjas there's only about a a week between us and the launch of season. Two, the season two artwork looks cool expect you know just like a whole flurry of you know i wan na say marketing buzz.

You know you hear about it. Talk people are going to find. You know. People are going to come across these ada ninjas season 2. For the first time as it's minting, i think they're, going to look oh season, two.

Well, what's season one? So maybe you know season one there might be uh. You know maybe try to sweep. You know some snipe snipe, some good stuff. I still have some. You know i got my ada ninjas. I got some ninjas full disclosure, so you know i mean kind of see what the artwork looks right there.

They're, pretty cool. I do like them for sure. So, oh hey, hey! What's going on here? Hey, hey! What's up? I got. I got a purple hair. You know i got. I got some cool ones, but yeah the season. Two kind of changes you can see: the arms are in a different spot.

The artwork's, a little more detailed, so that might bring on a whole new thing of buzz. So you know they got some other things too. Their discord is supposed to be super cool. I haven't jumped in there.

I don't, really have all the time to play, games and discord, but you know i heard uh. You know people having a good time in there and the lazy llamas discord. I'm hearing good things about those discord, so you know maybe check those out, but uh yeah, the ninja scrolls out.

So they got the white paper out they. You know they got some pretty cool things so check that out season. Two drops, you know, maybe uh you know. Maybe there would be another little spike. So i mean we got the thread world animons uh.

You know we got the the lazy, llamas uh mutations and then we got the aidan ninja season two that leads us to the final project. I know you saw it on the top. You saw it. Are you yeah? I saw you looking at that url you're.

Looking at that url it's, the boss cat rocket club. That was right. Yes, a very polarizing uh project, but you know i'm. I'm team boss cat, i got you know. I got some cats, i paper-handed, you know uh a rocket ship man, i just didn't have the ada to complete it and you know it's.

Just like. I almost want to let someone else but big things. The 213 drop. What's? The 213 draw for the boss cat a metaverse that is right. They're, doing properties that are going to have a boss. Planet properties, see this number don't freak out.

You know that's, a lot of plots. It's, really, not that many plots. If we want to compare it to some other projects, you know, but it's, really not that many pro plots. The good thing is 30 allocated current and future sign partners, so you got to figure.

30 is essentially set up in a marketing budget. Game development, digital entertainment, partners, 70, is left for the public, but that's. Not the only good news on the 13th, they're, only releasing 10, only 10 12 000 for a metaverse project.

It really isn't that much so we have estimated roughly 10 000 lots will be distributed during the pre-sale, leaving only 2 000 available for the public sale. This is going to be insane early access to the boss.

Planet uh. You know there's different ways you can mint. So you know that's, why we're, seeing a lot of uh. You know people are building these ships. I think one of the reasons people are building these ships.

They want to mint as much of this land as possible. We want to go over the numbers. Real, quick, yes, sandbox sandbox has a lot of lots. 160. 000. Boss planet. You see 129. 000. It's really only 12 000.

, so that's, not a lot at all. We've. Seen with these, you know, cardano metaverse projects, you know the ones with only a few things they kind of pop. They kind of pop hard, you know, look at artifact moon.

I think they're holding around 300, so uh. One last thing on the the you know: the drop for the lens 60 percent. The remaining, so we got 10 launching immediately 30 going to partners uh very bullish signal right there, 60 distributed over the next five years.

So i mean we're, not talking about a lot of selling pressure. I think you know i mean who knows this is crypto things change. You know who knows charles hoskinson might get attacked by his falcon and you know cardano.

I don't know, but i'm. You know guessing here. You know i'm just trying to look at my crystal ball here. I don't think the the selling pressure, the drip of lands there's, only going to be so many lands released every year.

I think the demand is going to far outstrip the supply, so that's. Just my two cents, you know what i mean. We just got another celebrity this. You know, australian dj just got his cat, so you know things are starting to look good and it's.

A vox collection so think, vox. Think of like a minecraft type deal, you know kind of like sandbox. What's, the most popular metaphor, sandbox? What's? Boss planet? They're kind of seeing what works and they're.

Going with that. So this is huge. I'm really. You know bullish on the future here. If we look at the floor uh, what are we looking at right at 3? 000, so you know hey, you know, maybe uh snipe, you a cat.

You know i got my cats, i'm. I'm diamond handed. I got a gold fur, you know, gopher ain't going nowhere. My laser eyes they ain't going nowhere. You know what i mean. So yeah that's, the that's. The four project i want to go over thread: world animals, lazy, llama mutation, eight in ninjas season, two boss, cat 213, that's february 13th.

So uh keep an eye out on those four projects. I'm. Expecting you know, excitement you know i'm, not saying what the price is going to do, but i'm. Expecting some excitement. Crypto's on sale. Right now, you know like maybe there's uh some games.

These are the things i'm. Looking at you know, do your own research, but you know this. The playbook led me to these four projects for this month, so happy, hunting and uh. You know stay out there sniping nft fam.

You want to make this family whole again.