Top 5 Coins to Watch THIS WEEK! (Explosive Altcoin & Crypto Returns)

Welcome to your daily crypto wrap up where i give you all the news top crypto stories in about three minutes, all right guys. So let's first start out with the markets here uh. What is going on here, bitcoin at forty four thousand 000 yeah, that's right moving up.

We had some big moves overnight and uh. It looks like we just had a big move here again recently and what's going on right? Now is we're, starting to see long's, build in the right direction, so hopefully this is a good sign for the week aetherium at 31.

43, xrp at 96 cents, so 138 dollars, cardano 224 still good, buying opportunities there uh! Let's. Look at the biggest gainers of the day unit swap we have the uni token. We have sushi. We have zenfin and curve.

Now let's. Talk about why curved sushi and uniswap are pumping. You just want pump 35 today sushi pumped 26 percent well to figure that out let's, go to our top story of the day, which is uni. Token raises over or rises over 20 percent.

As china's, blanket crypto ban. Pushes people towards decentralized exchanges - and this is what we're - going to see in crypto the more regulation comes in the more people are going to move to areas that can't be regulated.

That cannot be watched. Crypto is a revolution. It's, taking over there's, nothing that any of these countries can really do to stop the ultimate goals of crypto, so unit swap got a huge boost today, as that movement is beginning to take place um you know.

Obviously this is the 498th time that china's banned crypto, so it's. Really, honestly, not that big of a deal number two story of the day, robin hood, crypto coo, says d5 decentralized finance could be coming to robin hood.

What does that mean? Well, i would suspect, probably staking maybe yield farming. Those could be some activities lending. You know possible different lending, apparatuses and things like that. So, in my opinion, i think what this means is.

We are going to see robin hood play ball and create a very low return, staking opportunity for different cryptos, maybe stable coins at a very low return uh, but ultimately people will be able to stay dogecoin on robin hood.

That's. What i think is going to happen um, but pretty interesting, that they are jumping in here, uh top five cryptos for the week. I wanted to cover this briefly because there's, a lot of technical analysis to support this, but the reason why i wanted to cover this and talk about these coins is because these are mostly coins that i have had in my top five uh.

My temporary top five recently bitcoin avax algo, xtz and elrond, so you guys know uh. We put a huge investment into algo, eagle and avax. Recently. Bitcoin also looks like it's primed to pump, and maybe tezos is going to finally break out and catch up to the returns it should have had on the first half of this bull market, all right guys that's.

All i got see you tomorrow be blessed bye,