Ultimate SOL NFT FLIPPING GUIDE! | How I Made 35 Solana in One Week | Strategies to Profit Big

Yo, it's, cool times, game game to my cats, sub tomodex, it's, your boy, the american sniper aka, the bradley cooper of nfts, and i'm, giving you guys the full ultimate solana nft flipping guide today.

I just started off on solana i put in like seven soul and i & # 39. Ll literally show you my portfolio. It's up to like 43 soul right now, so i'm having a lot of fun with it. I'm, going to tell you guys everything i've learned so far in this video and if you think this is going to be useful for you, click thumbs up because jeff bezos and subscribe to this channel.

If you want to be sniper gang because when i tell you sniper gang is eating, we're getting fat, and when i tell you we're getting fat, i mean our pockets, but let's. Just jump right into that video today boys all right, snipers before we jump into today's.

Video. I also just want to show you a quick little 10x sniper game did in the past couple weeks. So you can see. This is a video i released on my youtube. I literally used the words. This is a call when i was talking about crypto morries at .

1584 price. Well, what's, the floor price right now? It's 1.684, so you literally just 10x. If you went off my call, i'm, not always right, but i'm right, a lot that's. Why? I'm a sniper? I'm, very precise and very accurate, and that's.

Why? I want to talk to you guys today about solana nfts, because i think we're trending in a huge direction in a huge 2022 for solana, ft's. If we just look at ethereum metamask the people who had it october 2020.

This is way before board apes. This is you know, crypto punks and top shots just about to launch 1.3 million people. But if we look at october 2021, we look at one year after with solana, we can see we're, actually tracking to just completely explode in 2022, so that's, why? I think it's very smart to get in on this early.

I'm, not a financial advisor all right, so this seems like a lot, but we're, going to go over bradley cooper's. Solana, flipping strategy today, so the very first rule we're, going to abide by when flipping solana nfts is when gas is high, buy nfts on salon that's.

Where the market's going to go when gas is low, we can just buy on ethereum that's where the big boys play. But this is kind of encapsulating the key attraction of solana to the new retail type of investors.

They're, asking questions like what are gas fees they don't like the sound of it. They're talking about how long things take to transact. They don't like how long it takes the newcomers are going to love.

What solana brings there's, going to be a lot more newcomers in 2022? Second thing: i just want to point out this isn't really like a strategy, but i just want to make sure we get in before the phantom mobile app drops.

I don't know all the ins and outs of the phantom mobile app wallet, but apparently it's going to be huge for mass adoption. I use phantom to buy uh solana nfts on magic eating that's. Just what i do, okay now, we're, really going to get into it, because this third thing is something i really noticed in the past couple weeks joining the nft solana market is there's, a trend of multiple phase, public minting? Where the the public meant, you know, january 4th, and then there's, another public on january 5th and 6th, and there's, two things you could glean from this.

The first is, you want to be a part of that first public mint, and you probably want to list your nft right away once that second and third public mint. These different phases come along that's, just increasing the supply, which is going to plummet the price, but also watch out for these multiple phase.

Public mintages i'm, not just talking about like white list versus public. I'm talking about multiple phase public minting, because what i think is starting to happen is some of these projects are market, manipulating where they're buying their own mints on the first phase, making the price go up make it seem, Like they're selling out to create fomo for the second and third ones, so i just want to warn everyone for solana, make sure you're.

Doing your research. You're going to the discords and you want to trust these teams. You're, investing in okay. The fourth thing on the ultimate solana guide. Is there's really only like three to five thousand diamond hand: soul collectors.

So getting into a project that has ten thousand pieces in a collection is really really tough on solana, because there's, so many flippers look, the best part of salon. Is there's, no gas fees? What's? The worst part of salon, actually that's - the worst part too, is that there's, no gas fees.

So people list like a people's. Paper hands, are crazy on solana. They will just list and do any types of things, so you're, going to want to find projects that cater to diamond hands to that three thousand to five thousand the smaller the collection the better.

But you're gonna wan na find projects that are catering to them to those diamond hands. Like me, i actually just wan na show you guys my magic eating wall at cool times. You can go. Look at my wallet.

I don't, you know i don & # 39. T know how you do that, but um i bought this day's ducks here. This was a 10 000 piece collectible and despite how big the collection size is, it has persevered. I think i got this at like one sole and it's at 4.

4, slow growth on days ducks people are still bullish on it really like it, but the project i mostly want to talk about is mindful this caters to the diamond: hands. Solana collector this isn't a monkey ape project.

It's, not a derivative. It's, not super degen. This is just great art. It's, a thinking, man's, pfp project. You know how your like girlfriend always wants to like check your phone and make sure you're doing things right.

I'm. Actually just show you guys real quick on this one. What i did so i bought this 11 days ago. 6.9 soul, floor price is currently 35 soul. So we're up big boy sniper game, so i think you want to target projects like this.

The art speaks for itself. There's, some great stuff on the back, and you can train your mind folk, which is like lumberjacks, so you can give them traits and train them and they can earn wood for you.

It's, like the the token is wood. So really cool thinking, man's project, so you're either gonna lean into those diamond hand, type collections like minefolk or we're gonna go full djinn boys um. So solana collectors really seem to have a crippling gambling problem.

You know, like you always hear, though, if you have a gambling problem call 1-800. Everyone in solana should definitely call that a hotline because they love gambling and they love game theory projects.

We've, seen this with poker face only dice, degen coin flip. So i want to show you guys these projects real, quick and why uh people are freaking out about them. I & # 39. Ll talk a little bit more about the djen gambling projects in a second, but those are the first two types of projects we're.

Looking at the the sixth thing i wanted to talk about in this ultimate solana guide is guys there's. A lot of flippers like i mentioned, because it's. Solana, it's, easy to list. Many are going to paper hand within the first 24 to 48 hours, so it's on you to do your research and have convictions.

So you don't. Do that cut your losses or if you should double down and accumulate uh you've got to ask yourself questions. Is that is the team continuing to build, they are accumulating? Are they stagnant? Are you not hearing updates? Are they getting kind of quiet since you know it minted out, then you probably want to cut your losses in these djen games or or play to earn games that are on solana.

You want to really look at the teams. Like i mentioned um, you got to make sure that the game seems playable, that the dj gambling aspect, that it seems playable, it seems fun. It seems like somebody would actually use it.

You want to keep tracking the progress of these projects. Like i mentioned, monkey ball was a project i invested into. I ended up just like uh breaking even on that because, like the team was not giving us the updates, we needed, i started to feel like there.

Wasn't actually a game there. Another one was kong racers i bought it at one sole. I ended up just doing a quick 2x sold at two sole because i wasn't sold on the team, because you got to make sure that the value proposition and the tokenomics make sense for the players.

And it seems like it's rewarding to holders and one of the last things i want to mention before i go like full degen gambling explanation mode here is. I really think that 95 of, like the q4 solana projects, are gonna go to zero.

I just recently gotten solana, but the reason why i had resisted it to begin with was because it seemed like quarter four. Last year there are so many rug pulls and scams and teams really not building okay.

I think this is going to be the most important part of the video. So if you're watching at this moment, drop a comment below there's. Three types of solana nfts. I think you should be investing in right now.

Obviously there are more, but this is what i'm cornering. This is what i'm pew pewing um. The first thing is utility. You think of utility in the classical sense is like cyber kongs. The ability to um use tokens use bananas to mint new baby cyber kongs.

We see this in the salon of space with boryoku dragons, where you can change the name of your nft token and do different things. You & # 39. Ll, see these in a lot of different projects, but it's. The utility there's, a token involved and you can upgrade and change things and mint.

The second type of solana nft we're. Investing in are use case nfts. So your classical example of a use case solana nft, would be a newer project which is like quantum traders. This also ties back into the video i made last week about yaw, which is a very much like the looks rare marketplace that just came out on ethereum, but it's kind of a tokenized marketplace.

You can also do player person-to-person trading, so quantum traders here are using the yaw token, so these are nfts that have specific use cases, whether it's for trading, so yaw is a simple gaming escrow system.

First, the blue chip example of a utility solana. Nft is boryoku dragons. The blue chip example of a use case. Nft is a shadowy supercoder dao which provides infrastructure to the solana system and and gives tokens to people who hold another use case project.

We've, seen on the solana. Ecosystem is candy cane small floor price here, but but they have exclusive nft tools for you, one of them being. You can mint directly from their smart contract for any upcoming solana mints, instead of going directly to a different website to mint it.

So you can do all your minting through candy cane, which is a cool use case platform, and the third thing is what we talked about earlier. This is the biggest trend right now in solana and it's d, gen, gambling boys, full-on degen.

So here are some numbers. I saw online about some of these dj gambling solana projects and which makes them really really bullish. So the first one d, gen coin - flip it's, got a 555 supply. Again we like low supply for solana.

Two point: five percent of your gamble amount goes to holders and it's, a 70s soul floor. So basically it's, a game. You literally just do a coin flip. If you get it right, make money poker faces. 377 supply.

90 revenue share with the nine salona floor, that's. Crazy. Another trend i see coming from dj games. Are these gambling mini games so it's, not exclusive to just a coin flip or you're playing poker or blackjack.

They've literally created different games. You can play with this whole ecosystem. This one. I want to bring up and this isn't all of them, but it's soul house, which they're playing blackjack four percent royalty 4.

2 soul floor. The blue chip example of these gambling dj plays is dj. Coin. Flip, currently, at a 75 soul floor, i'm gonna show. You guys why i actually think this is undervalued, not that i'm, recommending people to spend 75 solana on this, but i just want to show you the mechanics and infrastructure and why these degen gambling solana plays are potentially making us bezos bucks and Musk money, so i want to shout out some guy on discord who put this together, but let's assume that solana equals 150 assume that 200 sole fee per day.

Let's, assume that the d gen coin flip annual revenue is just under 11 million dollars. Based on these numbers. He makes the point here that uh at that type of margin uh this project. If it was like a real company trading on the nasdaq would be at about 5x, the price of sales.

He wants to be conservative, so he says it's actually 3.5. So he said the that the dj coin - flip market cap should be 38.5 million, but the current market cap is only 5.7 million, so this 70 soul coin is dirt cheap.

Well, i'm, not saying to go, spend 70 so on this project. That's, not what this channel is about. We're trying to get those low cost snipes. I'm just trying to show you guys that these dj coin flips, these dj gambling plates on salon, should have huge market caps and have so much room to grow in 2022.

. Poker faces is a bit cheaper. I just talked about that. One 15 sole floor price 377 supply, really cool move. If you're bowling on a budget, this one's, been a bit stagnant floor price wise. I think i called this one in my discord at like four soul.

Only up to 11 and a half for my standards, it's like okay, but this is again 888 lower floor price. Decent entry point same type of dj gambling play. We need to look for the ones that are just coming out now.

We want to find the alpha before the alpha, and while this next project isn't, a dj gambling play it's. An upcoming solana mint that i'm, really bullish on it's called bizarre platypus. It's, got awesome art.

It has like everything i love which it you know it's, not a duck, but it's. A platypus. You guys know. I love, i love all types of ducks, but it's almost like a duck meshed with superlative secret society, really cool abstract art here, a little like picasso type feel to it really cool road map.

I just like the attention to detail on this website. It means that these are real deal builders, so we got 7.7 k. Look that's a little high, but they're going to have a community fund. 40 of the royalty goes into the community fund and then a dow system will be set up to the holders.

So you're, going to be getting some of this money back it's got a completely doxxed team. So if you want to go and read about this team, one sold mint price, which is pretty much industry standard. At this point, we don't have a launch date, yet just yet, but that's.

Why you want to join the discord? Join the twitter discord, twitter links at the bottom of their website, so guys go join that check it out. Bizarre platypus here's, some more examples of the art. I honestly think it looks a lot better than most the stuff on solana really detailed, and you can tell by the website and just some of the graphics here like there's, some attention.

Indeed, let's. Go love that so yeah really cool project definitely watch out for this one. Alright, snipers that's. The video for today make sure to click a thumbs up on this video. If it was useful for you and subscribe to this channel.

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That being said, i just have one more thing to say: gang gang