When to Sell Your Cryptocurrency: Complete Guide📈!!

When to sell your crypto, it's, a question. A lot of people have, from the experience to newbies alike, there's; one fear that supersedes all that, of course, is missing the top and then losing all of your newfound games.

We've, seen it before and we will see it again. In 2017 people like podcaster peter mccormick, became millionaires. He went from 32 thousand dollars to 1.2 million in a year, then in 2018 he lost everything.

After paying taxes, he was basically broke. It's, a story too familiar in crypto. Today, i'm, going to teach you how not only to become rich but also, more importantly, how to keep your millions let's.

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All you got to do is hit the button go ahead in today's, video, we're, going to be discussing when to sell your crypto and how to properly exit the crypto markets. Once you watch this video all the way until the very end you'll become a pro that understands how timing is everything you want to get rich and stay that way.

Let's start first with why it's. Important to sell your crypto and have a cash out strategy. Bitcoin is based on four year cycles surrounding the bitcoin having event. This leads to the most distinct and predictable bull and bear market cycles and all of investing trading shot produced an incredible chart that shows how predictable these markets are.

They're, so predictable that we can even come up with an exact date. September. 28. 2021 for the end of the bowl and the beginning of the bear, if you want to watch a full video about the golden bull ratio and how we know when the bull market will end, you click the video above i made recently now.

As of late. I received some hate on that video for stating that the bull market will end at some point, and i expect this i've, said for a whole year. Now the when the bull market starts winding down.

I refuse to remain bullish. That does you as the bit squad an extreme disservice. It's, a little like being the town crier alerting, danger, charlie lee, the founder of litecoin, actually tried to warn people at pretty much the exact peak of the bull market in 2017.

, but people destroyed him in the replies of this tweet and i'll, be honest with you. I was duped myself. I believed it would go up forever and then i huddled all the way back down to basically zero when the bull market ends.

No one will believe it. You see the euphoria at the peak of the bull run is insurmountable. There will be many who have just gotten into the market at that point and they will be hoping for fortunes. They'll end up being the people.

All the smart money sells to on their way out it's, just how markets work and especially how this market works. Now there's, certainly a chance that we do go into some type of bitcoin super cycle that breaks the previous golden bull ratio.

But i want people to keep this in mind. Many have believed, with every single bitcoin in market cycle, that it will break and it ain't broke yet, but it could which we'll, take into consideration with our cash out strategy.

So we understand now why we need to have an exit strategy, but how do we time it correctly? Well, we'll, make decisions based with the end in sight, while we have september 28th, as the approximate peak of the market can't count on that date.

Exactly as many people know this date, we should probably look at it like a range september 21st. Through october 5th, we'll, most likely see the peak of this market. If it gets, overheated too early could end as soon as the end of august, or it could drag out, maybe to mid-october or so, but that's for bitcoin itself.

We don't have as much of a guide to time. The end of the altcoin cycle, other than one previous altcoin cycle to go on which ended one month after the peak of bitcoin. So that would put the peak of altcoin season somewhere near the end of october through mid-november, and i can say very confidently.

This bull market will be completely over by christmas. Almost certainly before thanksgiving halloween, though, is when things should be beginning to wind down. So what can you do with this? Information? Well depends on your position right now.

If you're already in the life-changing money zone, i would say you should start moving a very small percentage out weekly i usually take out about one percent or so every day. Even now, the gains of the bull market mean i'm, actually increasing my holdings every day.

Even though i'm, taking one percent off the table in the morning, it & # 39. S usually been replaced and surpassed by the evening. I'm already in the life changing money stage. Some of you guys, aren't there yet and that's.

Okay, we & # 39. Ll talk a bit later about the repercussions of moving over to cash, but i'm already pulling off small percentages that's. The point this percentage, though, will increase over time daily may be a strain on your portfolio, but you should have a weekly or monthly dollar cost average strategy for exiting.

Just like you have a dca strategy for investing picking them out and pull it off the table. On a regular basis, whatever suits you, this negates the volatility of the markets. You should look at exiting as a possibly exponential or at least an increasing pace process.

I have two different strategies i use for bitcoin and then for altcoins. I will not be exiting any of my altcoin positions until after bitcoin hits what i would consider to be a top, and then i'll spend a month exiting one altcoin after the next right after they go parabolic.

But right now i'm dollar cost averaging out of bitcoin. Only it's just too much money on the table for me to let it sit so right now, like i said i remove about one percent per day, once summer hits in june, i'm gonna increase that to two percent Per day, then three percent in july then four percent in august and then most of my remaining bitcoin in september, by taking somewhere between five and eight percent depending on the day, keep in mind, though it may not make sense to you now, but as the summer Moves on, while you pull out certain percentages on a regular basis, the gains are exponential.

So, while moving out five percent per day in september may sound like a lot and it wouldn't make sense, because there's. Not that many days in the month, bitcoin should go up over 300 total in the final four weeks.

So, even though i'm pulling out a massive amount, i'm actually still making more than i'm pulling off. So the question is: what am i doing with the remaining bitcoin imma? Keep it plain and simple: my goal is to keep 25 my net worth and bitcoin and top all coins such as ethereum, cardano, polka, dot, chain link and others throughout the bear market.

Why would i do such a thing? Well in case of the super cycle scenario, i want to keep enough skin in the game. So, even if i'm wrong about the end of the cycle, when bitcoin goes parabolic for many months or even years after the estimated end of the bull market, i will be making massive gains, even though it's unlikely.

But by pulling money off, i've made sure that i will be liquid for other investments, which is one of the best ways to ensure wealth over the long term. No matter what happens in crypto, there's, a reason they are called hedge funds.

People with the most money in the world know that they need to hedge their bets. The world is very unpredictable. Who would have thought in 1995? Blockbuster would be dead and basically a meme, yet it happened.

You have to ensure your financial future by making wise decisions. Now, another 25 of my net worth is going to be moved over to stable coins, specifically usdc the coinbase dollar. I won't, be using usdt or tether because we just need to get rid of it in favor of usdc.

It's a better product, but these stable coins are actually probably the very most important part of this whole video. The key to changing your life forever financially is to move significant amounts of your crypto holdings over to stable coins in order to buy back in at lower price points in the bear market.

Stable coins, of course, cryptocurrencies. That, in this case, are always pegged to one dollar: they don't, go up in value; they hold their value in whatever asset they're pegged to so. Let me play this out for you.

You move over four bitcoin at two hundred thousand dollars each at the peak of the market: the stable coins. You now have eight hundred thousand dollars in usdc, let's, say bitcoin drops back down to 40k, which would align with history now.

Instead of for bitcoin, you would have 20 bitcoin if you bought back in now. Imagine bitcoin goes up to 1 million dollars in 2025, which also would align with history. You've turned 800k into 20 million dollars in four years, and you can apply this map to basically any top all coin as well.

If you take nothing else from this, video maximizing your crypto during a bear market with stable coins is the biggest way to change your life forever. Okay, so with 50 of my net worth still in crypto.

What about the other 50 splitting that up between other investments and cash 25 each now? What are these other investments real estate? First and foremost? In addition, we'll, be starting a series on stock investments.

This week, friday will now be known as stonks day on the channel. We have a special guest on a stocks video to give you guys some of the stocks that we will be investing for our next stage of the journey for real estate, though we're, already closing on two houses in a property this month.

In an additional rental property as well real estate is such a great investment because until we start colonizing mars, they aren't making any more land. We're doing a lot of videos on our hit network channel about our real estate.

Investments, of course, gold and precious metals are also some considerations here. But for me personally, i would rather split investments between stonks and real estate, but you may want to consider precious metals or other investments such as art, funds, baseball cards, collectibles or basically anything else.

So let's, tackle the dirtiest problem out there, cash our economy is heading toward a penning financial disaster possible hyperinflation. So why would i take a gamble with cash if i think that's, a likely scenario? Well, at this point, it's, a necessary evil.

I run a business where i have employees who need to pay bills and the last notice it's, pretty hard to spend crypto outside the card, which, by the way, also is a great way to exit positions.

You can get the visa debit card in order to lock profits away. You can do that by visiting deals and clicking the link where you get 25 dollars for free by using the code.

Bitboy facts are, though, guys we still live in a society where cash is king, though slowly it's losing its crown, while that 25 of my net worth in cash is what i would consider to be the riskiest. I still consider it to be a necessary evil, so there you have it that's, my ultimate cash out plan for crypto that i will be using unless something changes dramatically and if it does, i'll.

Certainly, let you guys know, drop your thoughts and comments down below on how you plan to keep your precious gains and if you want more of these strategy, videos make sure to smash that like button.

So we know you like this kind of content, that's. All i got be blessed good boy out: [, Music ], you