[, Music ]. What is up, i am krypto mason and welcome back to the crypto mason youtube channel, shout out to the gold squad. We look for gold in every single aspect of our lives and we always find it now.

We are back for another daily market update. The market is green. Okay stocks are pumping today as well, basically crypto, just following the stock market right there's, a lot of um macro economic factors here and geopolitical factors that play you have canada um doing this, trudeau invokes emergencies, act in response to ongoing protests right Whatever they try to do it, it always increases the use case for bitcoin and decentralized finance.

It's, just a fact everything they try to do negative towards it or or towards censorship, and towards control and power and dictatorship. Basically, it increases the use case and that's. One of the reasons why bitcoin is basically invincible.

So stocks are pumping, we have apple right. All of these are up um and then you & # 39. Ve got the s. P 500 up dow jones nasdaq, all that so crypto in turn, bitcoin 44. 000 right, oh by the way, i forgot to say, make sure you follow me on twitter right.

There also follow the instagram right there. I'm gonna be going to cabo soon, and you will see some some uh story posts on uh instagram from that. So if you want to follow, go, do it ethereum as well above three thousand dollars bitcoin above 40 uh.

We're above 44 000.. So this perfect, we had a perfect rsi break right here or our break of this trend line. As you can see this trend line right here, you do have adequate touches. You have oh [, __ ].

You have one right here right, two three and we broke through that and we covered that yesterday and i guess look what happened like we. We're, climbing back up towards this 45 000 right here and that's, a hard zone like um.

We have this credible crypto that was a hard zone to break, and i think there's, even a harder zone. Right here i don't know why he doesn't have a box right there, but there's, a harder zone um and it's right where my line is right here.

This 40, like from 45 000 to 46 000, just that is going to be very hard to break. But if bitcoin does it, we're, probably going to head up to 47 000. credible crypto as well says nice break over the red region.

So his red regions right here i suspect we head back up to 45 000 to 47 000 from here, so he expects 45 to 47 k right there. Let's. Look at the alt coins! Today i forgot to pull up my crypto bubbles. The crypto bubbles are all green.

Okay, all coins doing amazing. We have gala up 15 right engine. Everything is up pretty nice. Today, ethereum's actually doing very well. We have h bar. We're, going to talk about h bar today. Avax as well, very nice, very nice.

So if you bought anything man, you're already up. Okay, you're literally already up. You can even i'm. Not gonna, i was gonna say like you can just buy when these are down and literally wait till they're up.

You don't even have to look at a chart. Now that's, a horrible that's, horrible piece of advice, but it would work like all the unorthodox stuff works in crypto, like it literally works like just buying at a good entry point that you think is good and then waiting And holding and and selling so let's.

Look at hbar, though we have. If we zoom out on here. You can see this huge trend line that i've, been tracking from right here january of 2021, and we have just pumped back above it. So hbar does not like being below this trend line.

It tries to get above it real fast. Every single time it drops below drop below here we took that this did take a while, but the point is we got back above it and then you know we we crashed and went below it again and now we've pumped back above it.

So are we gonna see us drop below like how fast are we gonna be up here? Hopefully, we just go, go up here and smash this resistance of 28 cents. I'm ready to see some big h-bar pumps. What's? The reason why we're pumping though it is because e toro has uh etoro, has listed h-bar, and i'm gonna say right here.

So basically the hbar foundation came out with this right. This was a video yesterday saying new listing coming soon, exciting news coming tomorrow. That will increase accessibility to hbar. Are you bullish? Stay tuned? Okay, so that's, getting a little bit crazy right there like there are.

I hope that they do every single announcement in the future like this, because this was a clear attempt to build some very big speculation um at least they didn't. Let it ride for too long, like etoro listed like right after the day after um, but i did call this right here.

I said i think it might be. Etoro exchange hbar foundation is following them. Out of only 42 accounts on twitter. There was some speculation that it was going to be celsius, but i thought it was going to be etoro and i was correct now.

Why is etoro big zepsy right here says they have 23 million customers. 87 of these are outside of the americas, the main competitor to robin hood, ipo uh valuation at 10 billion. So i've heard horrible things about etoro.

To be honest, uh everybody i've ever heard. Talk to me about etoro has said they've had a bad experience. I'm sorry to etoro for saying that, but i have not tried it myself. So i & # 39. Ll have to get my own experience on it.

Then we have tom s saying ultimately, hbar will be on all of the exchanges and most of them will probably switch to running on hedera. So the order in which that happens, doesn't really matter. He's literally saying that the the exchanges will run their exchange on hedera, eventually right and i've covered this before how you can literally build a new stock market with hedera.

You could build a stock market with hedera hashgraph, like on the hashgraph network, very cool um. Obviously, this is amazing that we see them getting a new listing, because that means they've, been actively working on listings and that possibly means we can see a coin base or a gemini or something massive coming soon.

One thing i'll say, though, is i hope they keep doing the announcements like this yep. This was a clear attempt to pump the thing bro like and it did pump right look at this. We rocketed up how much percent let's, see 18 percent in a day.

Just off off. This got a hundred thousand views. Everyone was going crazy, which exchange? Is it dude? They better keep doing that if they keep doing it like this, shout out to the hbar foundation, if they keep doing it like this hbar's, gonna end up at like five bucks, because we have a cr like a crazy amount of um.

Like stuff in the canon, i always call it in the canon there's, a lot of canon cannonballs loaded in hbar's cannon right. You have a bunch more council members, you have a bunch more exchange listings and you have a bunch more announcements of council members building on hashgraph like what, if boeing announces that they're building, something right, so you can basically like it.

There's a lot in that canon, so if they keep announcing stuff like this with, like heavy speculation vibes, i would love that. I would love that now. Moving on, we have a clip from digital asset investor 30 seconds.

We're going to play this. This is about ethereum and watch what joe lubin says right here and i think the narrative around ethereum has evolved so much more dramatically and i think we knew from the start that we were essentially building uh.

An incredibly complicated machine, but that it was all ultimately really a a toy, a proof of concept, ethereum, 1.0, a very sophisticated proof of concept that would enable us to understand what decentralized applications are and ethereum is a toy and a it &.

# 39 s, a toy and a proof of concept, so digital asset investor writes a funny paragraph right here, saying: hey gary gensler. I need to know what ethereum is as an investor. Your job is to protect me.

According to ethereum joseph it's. A toy, slash proof of concept, sounds dangerous. Protect me, please hilarious, right there. We can keep saying this to gary. He's. Gon na do what he's gonna do. We cannot change it um, but that is crazy.

Ethereum is literally still in beta. It is still a proof of concept. Man, okay, let's. Get into some regulation. Talk right here. Block fi will pay a hundred million dollars in the settlement with the sec.

They're, actually paying 150 million because they have to pay another 50 mil to various state regulators. Now this is because of their high yield lending product right. This does not affect the existing accounts.

The company has been under investigation since at least november. So apparently, blockfi has been under what i just said: investigation they've, been doing some sketchy things. They've, been uh under investigation, so you could say that this won't apply to everybody else, but this will obviously right.

This is over a high-yield account. Everyone offers high-yield accounts, so it's, going to be interesting to see that and then coinbase we had coinbase announced that it will add 2 000 employees to its product engineering and design teams in 2022.

, nft and coinbase wallets are the focus. Coinbase currently has 2700 employees. Binance has 4 000, so there's, some more growth for for coinbase there, just expansion in general. Now i wanted to give a quick mention at the end of this to this project called the internet game.

This is a very interesting concept: um, it is like a elimination style like game nft, and i think these are the projects that have real utility and unique concepts. So we're, moving away from the profile picture, nfts.

Okay, if you go to any profile picture nfts i mean most of them are worthless. The ones that i bought are worthless, um so, and you can literally win a board ape and a mutant ape uh and a doodles in this.

This project very interesting concept. You meant these game tokens. They're minting soon. Actually, 18 minutes um. You meant these game tokens and you play games. It's like a five day: elimination style, competition, very crazy, but ultimately on nfts i'm.

Staying relatively um, like pulled back out of them, i'm. Actually i've, been selling some of mine um. I did screw up and sell one by accident. I had a fat finger situation where i typed in the wrong number and i listed it and it got swooped up.

That was my psychedelics anonymous. I feel so stupid admitting that, but i did have a fat finger thing where i sold it. You know and psychedelics anonymous has pumped like crazy now, so i don't even want to think about it, but i'm relatively pulled back out of nfts.

I think you know the nft market is pretty dangerous, like i know it. Full well, i spent a ton of eth on um, my nft portfolio and it's. Just like a lot of those are worthless. It's, an e-liquid market, so somehow the project needs to gain a bunch of hype and get a bunch of people like sheeps.

That will buy my nft off me for a reasonable price, hopefully in profit um, but look out for projects like that. One right that are like actually doing something real like they actually have a concept: uh a unique offering not just like here's; 5 000 um, cobalt, chickens, crazy chickens like here's; 5 000, blue belugas or some bs right.

We know this: we're, moving towards better nfts um, and then i want to end off with this as well reminder: okay, slow progress is still progress. Okay, folks, st slow progress is still progress. Okay, if you're working towards anything anything you're beating everybody if you're just making progress, because most people are out here not even making progress on their dreams, one percent better every day.

Just do one thing that's better every day and that'll. Add up like crazy um. Look at this dude asking me: hey! Mason! Are you into spicy food, medium heat to extremely spicy? Why are you asking me this dude? I love spicy food.

I love spicy food. All right, we're. Getting off topic, make sure that you follow. Oh, i don't even have my banner up. Follow on instagram twitter join the telegram group. I love every single one of you and goodbye [ Music, ], breeze, [, Music, ]